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Areas of Office You Forgot to Clean in Thornton, CO! Cubicle Walls, Buttons, Behind Equipment, Phones & More

Everyone is more aware of cleanliness with COVID-19 being a concern. In any case, it can be hard to break old habits and replace them with new habits. Businesses, especially businesses that use office space, have more complex cleaning than a lot of people realize. More often than not, there are places in the office that many people overlook during the cleaning process. With this in mind, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to discuss these common places forgotten about.

Cleaning Cubicle Panel & Office Walls

Unless they want to hang up a picture frame, people don’t think about their office walls usually. There’s not much about them that grabs a person’s attention as long as the walls are holding up the ceiling. When it’s time for office cleaning, many people ignore the walls. As not only makes your office dirtier but also makes it look dull, those walls will attract dust and buildup over the years.

Sanitizing Buttons Around Office Space

People may or may not remember the door handles when people do office cleaning. Most awareness has been offered to help people know how germy door handles can get. There are equally dirty surfaces that get even less attention than door handles. These are buttons including elevator, vending machine and water fountain buttons to name a few. Some of these button are touched as often as door handles. Since they are so small, they usually get ignored as they pick up germs from everybody’s hands.

Cleaning Behind Office Equipment

There are usually a number of machines in an office, such as computers, copiers, and printers. Appliances in the breakroom like the microwave and the refrigerator, or the water dispenser and coffee maker in the lobby and/or kitchen space are common items. Because they’re central to your business, these surfaces probably get cleaned fairly often. However, few think about the spaces between and behind those machines. When it comes to office cleaning these spaces are among the most overlooked.

Disinfecting Office Phones

Though more awareness is being pointed to phones, it can be difficult to get in the habit. Phones are not only handled by hands, but they are pressed up against faces as well. You should absolutely disinfect them regularly to prevent the spread of disease since office phones are a recipe for illness.

Cleaning Light Fixtures

There is little reason to consider the light fixtures. When the bulbs need attention, occasionally, the person may wipe down the fixture. Fixtures, including the switches and covers, should be wiped down regularly.

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We need to start cleaning overlooked surfaces, now more than ever. With the help of a professional, you can better manage a clean environment for you and your staff. Many professional commercial cleaning companies will ensure the less obvious places are cleaned in addition to the obvious. When it comes to cleaning your commercial space in Greater Boulder, CO, you can count on the experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning for superior cleaning, sanitized, and disinfecting needs.

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