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Checklist for How to Deep Clean Bathroom Floors, Showers & More Step By Step in Erie, CO

Taking care of the bathrooms is a never-ending job. Because they are constantly being used they are in continual need of attention. Having a cleaning guide to ensure nothing is neglected can help you ensure the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned. Below, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning have compiled a bathroom cleaning guide to help you get your bathroom deep cleaned.

Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1) Start by removing the trash can, rugs, and any toiletries you keep on the countertops or in the shower. Removing them will make cleaning easier and it will also make certain you are cleaning around them.
2) After everything is removed gather your cleaning paraphernalia including your latex rubber gloves, mask if your sensitive to the cleaners, disinfectant, toilet bowl cleaner, scrubbing brush, and so on.
3) Drop the toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl so it can start doing its work and spray the shower and/or tub down with the appropriate cleaner so it can loosen the soap scum. Let the chemicals sit according to the label’s directions.
4) While the cleaner sits, go to the cabinets and drawers and remove the clutter. Toss the trash and expired products. Wipe down the shelves and drawers and replace the items. An all purpose cleaner and a damp cleaner should be adequate, be sure to follow up with a dry rag to wipe away the moisture before replacing the contents. Use your disinfectant to wipe the knobs.
5) Apply the disinfectant on the exterior of the toilet including the tank and bowl and scrub the inside first; after the inside is scrubbed, flush and use a few paper towels to wipe the exterior include the handle and lid to avoid recontamination and toss the paper towels.
6) Reapply the tile and grout cleaner to the shower and scrub the grout and tile well with scrub brush; you may need to use a designated toothbrush to get the corners and edges. Wash the tub out with the appropriate cleaner and be sure to rinse the cleaner from the shower walls and tub.
7) Use your favorite glass cleaner to wipe down the mirrors. Polish the light fixtures and dust the exhaust vent.
8) Disinfect the sink and countertops.
9) Sweep the floors well, ensuring you get the corners and edges well.
10) Fill a bucket with a water and ¼ cup of all-purpose cleaner and mop the floors.
11) If the towels and floor mat needed a washing, be sure they are laundered and dried before re-hanging and replacing.
12) Replace the garbage can and toiletries after wiping them down.
13) To clear the air of the chemical smell, flip on the exhaust fan.
As the moisture builds up in the bathroom, mold and mildew can potentially grow. It is important that you kick on the exhaust fan during your shower and about 30 minutes after to minimize the risk. Wiping down the shower after use and fanning out the shower curtain for proper drying also helps reduce the risk of mildew and mold growth.

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If you need help cleaning your bathrooms or the rest of the house, call the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning to assist you. Our experts are thorough and detailed and ensure your bathroom and home are cleaned and disinfected.

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