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Common Places Neglected During In House Commercial Office & Business Cleaning in Lafayette, CO

When you let in-house commercial cleaning take care of the duties, there are some things that get neglected and they become fairly obvious when the spring/summer sun beams down and illuminates the dust and grime that have built up over several months. Having a clean presentation of your establishment, however, is essential for your business to make a good impression among clients, colleagues, and staff because how you represent your business is how you represent yourself. We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to point out the most common locations that are often neglected in the commercial cleaning, that our experts are always sure to clean.

Places Most Often Missed when Employees Do Commercial Cleaning

1) Behind copy machines, printers, fax machines, etc: Printers, copy machines, fax machines and so on, do not only collect dust behind the electronic equipment, but the devices designed to make copies also leave tiny particles of ink and toner buildup that quickly accumulate.
2) Baseboards: Baseboards are commonly forgotten during the cleaning, not really part of the floor, but low enough to be out of sight during the dusting, they collect dust and debris. Additionally, countertop and backsplashes are also not cleaned the way they should be and the dust and grime will make the breakroom less than sanitary.
3) Vents: During the winter months, the heating system is constantly running, resulting in the dust, allergens, and other debris to adhere to the vents where few think to wipe them down. Ceiling vents and exhaust fans in the kitchens and bathrooms are also sadly neglected.
4) Ceiling tiles: Many commercial buildings are aligned with acoustic ceiling tiles that have the rough textures, making the dust easily collect easily to the surface and they are also prone to the dark stains if not regularly maintained.
5) Ceiling fan blades and light fixtures: Ceiling fan blades and light fixtures are rarely remembered when it comes to the dusting and polishing and when people are waiting around and looking, their eyes frequently travel upward and the swirling filth and dead insects can be quite the eye sore.
6) Walls and frames: After running your hand along the wall, you may notice the dust on your fingers. High traffic areas could also be especially built up in addition to smudges and fingerprints and other spots. Whether the walls are painted, textured, or wallpapered, the debris can build easily. The frames, being usually strategically placed on the wall, are often forgotten, having the same collection of dust and debris marring the other immaculate room, hallway, or lobby.
7) Steps: It doesn’t matter what is covering the surface of your steps; luxury tile, carpet, hardwood, or runners, dust isn’t the only thing settling on the surface but also everything being tracked in on the bottom of shoes and few in-house cleaning associates pay it any mind.
8) Switch plates and door knobs: So many diseases, bacteria, and germs are being spread because of these highly touched places. Where these areas should be the first places being disinfected at minimum, on a daily basis, most are leaving them to fest for months if not years at a time. Within hours, the germs on a door knob can spread to everyone in the office within hours.
9). Office kitchen: Where the kitchen is likely to get a surface clean, the fridge and microwave and probably even the coffee maker are most likely neglected; all of which should have all along been cleaned regularly.
10) Upholstery, Furniture, Office Chairs, Etc: Upholstered furniture, front and back of the chairs, the wood or metal framing, and the cabinets are subject dust, allergens, contagions, and even sweat and other contaminates.
11) Indoor plants: No matter if the plants inside your business are artificial or real, dust still builds up and cob webs will still form and the filth will escalate of not taken care of properly.

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