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Cleaning a Cannabis Dispensary in Wheat Ridge, CO; Clean Floors, Service Counters, Display Cases & More

In Colorado, any resident 21 years of age or older with a qualifying medical condition can purchase medical marijuana in the state. As a result, dispensaries are frequently the place to visit for cannabis products. Just like any business, especially one that caters to medical needs, the space needs to be cleaned and sanitized properly. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to further stress the cleanliness of the cannabis dispensary.

How to Clean & Disinfect a Cannabis Dispensary

1) Clean entrance / lobby. As they approach, consumers form their first impressions on the entrance space. Clean the entryway floors, polish the doors, and shine the signage to promote the right message to your guests. Clean the floor mats at the doorway as well. Having a clean, well-lit area makes the place more welcoming atmosphere.
2) Furnishings, shelves, and display cases are kept clean. Even a small number of patients can do a number on the furniture, on a daily basis. To keep couches and chairs with regular dusting and upholstery cleaning, stains can be removed and the fabric well-treated, if they are present. Shelves, display cases, and counters need to be cleaned and dusted, as well as polished if necessary. Any glass should also be cleaned to remove any fingerprints and polished.
3) Surfaces need sanitizing. Along with the tabletops to service counters, all surfaces need to be cleaned and dusted as well as sanitized, particularly according to COVID-19 sanitation standards. Professional cleaning procedures address issues to avoid surface cross-contamination and infection control.
4) Clean floors. The dirt and debris are removed to avoid an unhealthy buildup. With foot traffic and indoor air pollution settling on the on the floors, you need to ensure carpets, tile and grout, vinyl, wood floors, and other flooring options are cleaned daily.
5) Bathrooms. Customer and employee bathrooms need to be cleaned. Because of the bathroom being the primary source to the exposure, the environmental pathogens that pose health threats to visitors and staff. Floors, fixtures and surfaces must be sanitized with effective cleaning products.
6) Details. Another conduit for the spreading of germs includes doorknobs, light switches, and other commonly touched surfaces. With professional cleaning, the details are covered. To finalize the presentation of your dispensary, make sure the trash is emptied, glass crystal clear, and other areas are cleaned and organized.

How Do I Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company for My Cannabis Dispensary?

There are several attributes you should look for when you look for a professional cleaning expert for your dispensary. To ensure their facilities are cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized, reliability and dependability, a reputable company that specializes or has the experience. Make sure specifics are covered with tailored cleaning tasks. Including with the inhouse staff comes with cross-contamination awareness, a team of trained, experienced and skilled experts. A reputable company that uses powerful equipment and premium products, and so on.

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For professional cleaning, call in the experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our qualified experts take care of the cleaning for you to ensure professional appearances.

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