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Car Dealership Cleaning Checklist in Conifer, CO; Showroom Floors, Windows, Restrooms, Break Rooms & More

Are you the owner of a car dealership and need help with the cleaning? Baker Sandoval Cleaning has great janitorial and cleaning services to help you with your needs. Here are some ideas on how they can help your dealership look pristine as customers come in to check out your inventory.

Car Showroom Floor Cleaning

When someone walks into the showroom you don’t want someone being turned off because it looks dirty. The first impression on how your dealership looks is a big thing if you want them to trust that you provide quality cars and superior service. Having a clean showroom will give your customers an idea of what kind of service they will receive.

Auto Shop Floor Cleaning

Often time’s people don’t think that your auto shop needs to be clean. It’s a place you work on cars. That is exactly why it needs to be cleaned. It gets plenty dirty working on all those cars all the time. Baker Sandoval offers all kinds of hard flooring cleaning which also includes VCT stripping and waxing. They will come in and make your auto shop floor looking spectacular.

Car Dealership Window Cleaning

You have your cars displayed in the window for everyone to see. You don’t want those windows to look streaky and dirty, do you? If you have dirty windows that might be what people are seeing. You want someone to look through that window at the cars inside or even look outside through that window at all the other available options they can buy. Having a dirty window might limit their focus on what you are trying to sell.

Clean & Disinfect Restroom

Have you ever walked into a restroom that is so disgusting that you just want to leave the place immediately? Don’t let that be your car dealership restroom. Baker Sandoval will come in and make your bathroom look clean and smelling fresh. The extra bonus with that is that you don’t have to clean a gross restroom that others have used. So much bacteria can grow in a restroom. It needs to stay clean. You can leave it to the professionals to make sure it is clean and sanitary.

Kitchen Break Room Area Cleaning

When you are trying to sell a car, your clients want a clean break room where they always offer free coffee and cookies or pastries. Let’s be honest, it takes hours to buy a car. Having a clean place for someone to relax, think, and have a treat is exactly what they need and you need to help sell a car. If people are touching things and eat in the break room you will want it cleaned to get rid of all the germs that are being passed around.

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If you want your dealership to look spectacular, Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to help clean your dealership to make your life a little healthier, cleaner and better. Call us to schedule your next appointment today!

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