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Cold & Flu Prevention Tips for Your Workplace in Lazy Acres, CO; Cleaning High Touch Areas & More

Flu season is fast approaching. With the reminders from doctors and pharmacies to get the flu shot, it is getting close. The workplace is one of the top places people contract the flu. Applying the following steps, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning have prepared below, can help make your workplace flu-proof!

Sanitation of High Touch Areas

There are more surfaces and objects that are frequently touched from the work community and germs are everywhere. Whenever you talk about a commercial space, you not only have the staff leaving behind germs, but the potential customers, colleagues, suppliers/vendors, and other visitors do as well. Frequently washing your hands or using hand sanitizer ideal eliminate the germs on the hands, however, the germs are still lingering on the various surfaces. On hard surfaces, flu germs can survive for up to 8 hours. Ensuring you are sanitizing the surfaces daily, can help reduce the spread of germs and ailments attached to them. In addition to any in-house cleaning, having a professional clean the workplace on a routine basis can help sanitize the surfaces more effectively, especially with cross contamination training, and thoroughness with trained, and organized methods. Be sure to at least have your staff sanitize the high-touch areas; doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, and so on.

Encourage Sick Day Use

Most employers prefer having their employees attend their scheduled work hours to maintain productivity, however, having a staff member contaminated with the flu that where the germs spread like wildfire, will only get others sick, and once the flu bug gets everyone sick enough, you will try to operate on a skeleton staff. Share with the employees early symptoms of the flu and how to better identify the common cold as well in addition to encouraging appropriate use of sick days and how to prevent spreading the flu. Post reminder signs to wash hands, install hand sanitation stations, and proactively encourage the staff for healthier habits.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Office Workers

Keeping health in general helps many people resist the flu germs. Creates a strong healthy immune system to naturally fight off sickness with good sleep patterns, diet, and exercise. Limit stress and drink plenty of water to optimize the health. Be sure promote proper coughing and sneezing into the elbow and follow up with washing the hands.

Flu Vaccine

People over the age of 6 months, and especially for those with compromised immune systems are recommended to have the flu vaccine. With several options available, and typically affordable, you can encourage to get their flu vaccines.

Avoid Sick Employee’s in the Workplace

Ultimately, keeping the office healthy is everyone’s responsibility. Every person needs to proactive with wiping down their high touch areas, healthy habits, and handwashing practices. When ill, stay isolated and avoid bringing the contagious germs to the workplace.

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