Healthcare and medical facilities must stay on top of the building’s cleaning to ensure a healthy environment. Many come to hospitals or quick care centers with illnesses that are spread by germs, viruses and bacteria. Proper cleaning services can help kill many of these germs, viruses, and bacteria with daily diligence. Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to focus on the importance of proper cleaning and the top concerns that quality cleaning services can help to address.

Deep Clean VCT & Tile Floors

An unsanitary medical environment should never be tolerated, as it can threaten patients, visitors, and those who work everyday in these environments. A healthcare or medical facility must work hard to keep the many of the microbes such as germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus at bay. These microbes can spread to every surface in the building. Surprisingly the floors are often the most affected, as many microbes are able to multiple very quickly on these surfaces. This is why floors should get special attention. Floors should be cleaned daily with an EPA approved cleaner. Many are surprised to learn bleach isn’t frequently used in medical care facilities. This is because bleach can irritate and even damage the lungs. Their are some case where bleach is used but not for large surface areas such as flooring. Most medical care facilities uses VCT or tile flooring as they can be cleaned and treated much easier.

Protocols for Cleaning High Touch Areas

After flooring it is important to clean all surface areas with an EPA approved cleaner that can kill the number of microbes that make their way into the the building. Cleaning surface areas include those at the door. Doors are touched by everyone, therefore the door and handle must have special attention due to this reason. Waiting areas are next where chairs, tables and other surfaces in the areas are cleaned. Next other areas that are open to the public such as bathrooms should also be cleaned with detail. Luckily most surface areas in a bathroom can be easily cleaned and treated but also require daily attention.

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Healthcare or medical care facilities such as quick care center and doctor offices can greatly benefit from professional cleaning services. It is important for the practice to ensure their facility is properly clean and not to spread harmful illness to visitor or of patients. It can harm the name of the Doctor or facility simply by improper cleaning not to mention make people sick. To clean medical facilities requires a skillful and diligent cleaning services. However, it also take proper communication as each medical facility varies on cleaning needs. A cleaning service isn’t responsible for disposing a hazardous materials or cleaning of instruments as they require special training. If there are certain areas where a cleaning service shouldn’t have access it is important to clarify with the cleaning service. For those who own or manage a medical center and require a dedicated cleaning service with proper understanding of the need of a medical facility then contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.