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Commercial Cleaning to Remove Germs & Bacteria in Your Gunbarrel, CO Office or Workplace

In the office there is usually a high risk of cold and flus being past around, and they can happen all year long. Germs and illnesses spread regardless of what season we are in. Knowing some of the most germiest places in the office can help keep the office cleaner and reduce the staff getting each other sick by implementing some preventative measures. We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to list the top germiest places in the office.

Bacteria on Breakroom Sponge?

Most people guess the bathroom is the germiest place in the office, however, the breakroom is the top place with the germs. Since most people eat their lunches, or have their coffee breaks in the breakroom, thinking about this fact can be rather off-putting. If not wiped down or cleaned out on a regular basis, the grime continues to accumulate in the refrigerator and microwave, on the countertops, tabletops, and sinks, and even the coffee maker. Old food particles and sticky residues are an ideal host for germs and the staff easily picks up these germs.
The most germiest thing in the breakroom is the sponge. Many offices have the sponge in the breakroom people used to clean off dishes, wipe out Tupperware, wipe down other surfaces, but few follow up with proper sanitation, and the sponge collects upwards of 10 million bacteria per square inch. Proper sanitizing and avoiding cross contamination are essential in the breakroom.

Germs on Keyboard & Mouse at Employee Desks

The second germiest place in the office is the desks. Few people wash or sanitize their hands before getting to their desk and starting the day. Elevator buttons, door handles, light switches, and other common localized areas come into contact are carrying loads of germs. Once you get to your desk and start fondling the computer, keyboard, mouse, phone, and other surfaces, you are spreading those germs. Open office plans are even more germier, and those that frequently eat at their desk add more germs. The keyboard is the germiest item on the desk. Over 5,000 surfaces for ATP molecules were tested by a study conducted. The more virus and bacteria are present, the higher the number of ATP molecules. For over 100 ATP, 69% of office keyboards tested. Keeping a little sanitizing lotion/gel at the desk, along with sanitizing wipes, and getting in a habit of washing your hand more frequently can significantly reduce the germs around the desk.

Bacteria on Chairs in Waiting Area

The third germiest place in the office is typically the waiting area. There is often quite a variety of people coming through the waiting area throughout the day. From construction or handymen, to clients, colleagues, service providers, and other guests, the waiting areas are usually a haven for germs. Couches, tables, door handles, door frames, carpets, and rugs among other surfaces harbor a buildup of dirt, debris, and germs. Having a reliable cleaning company cleaning the waiting area is the most optimal solution to maintaining a clean area with minimal germs. The germiest area on in the waiting area is typically the armrests of chairs and couches. Where most thing the door handle is the culprit, these surfaces endure everyone and absorb most things in comes into contact with and is less likely to be cleaned and sanitized on a routine basis.

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With Baker Sandoval Cleaning, you can count on your office being efficiently cleaned and sanitized. We clean the obvious and not so obvious to ensure your office is a healthy environment for your staff and welcoming to any visitors. Contact us to schedule your next cleaning appointment today!

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