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Commercial Kitchen & Front House Restaurant Cleaning Checklist in Eldorado Springs, CO

Within the restaurant, there are many aspects to keep the restaurant clean as mandated by ordinances. You risk violating on your next health inspection, which can lead to fines and closure if your restaurant is not sanitary. Dirty restaurants are ripe for food-borne illnesses and not only will sickness earn you a bad reputation, so will having a dirty establishment. A bad reputation does extensive damage and it is difficult to overcome. Having a clean, organized restaurant is essential. As a restaurant owner, no matter the status from drive-ins, and dives, to fine dining, it is your responsibility to keep the place clean. Keeping your restaurant clean is a little simpler than you think, especially if your staff just needs to maintain during opening hours and the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning do the after-hours cleaning. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share some tips on how a little organization, scheduling, consistency, and a bit of elbow grease can go a long way with your restaurant.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Daily cleaning includes the following:
– Sanitize all food prep surfaces including the cutting boards
– Clean fryers
– Scour and brush grills
– Launder all rags and wiping cloths
– Meat and cheese slicers need to be sanitized
– Sweep / Mop & Vacuum as appropriate all flooring
– Wipe down all other surfaces including ice machine, drinking vending, and so on
– Clean out grease traps
– Take out all trash and recyclables
– Floor mat wash
– Dishwasher filter hood cleaning
– Empty and clean steam tables
– Sanitize soda guns, sinks and faucets
– Correctly dispose of grease and oil

Checklist for weekly cleaning:
– Clean ovens, coffee machines, coolers, refrigerators, and other appliances according to manufacturer’s directions.
– Flush floor drains with drain cleaner
– Wipe down walls
Checklist monthly cleaning:
– Deep clean the grease buildup; stoves, ovens, fryers, and flat tops need scrubbing behind them. Fire grease is not only unsanitary, but it is a fire hazard.
– Freezers empty and cleaning
– Ice bin emptying, cleaning and sanitizing
– Wipe down ceilings
– Assess equipment and the building; proper maintenance accordingly especially if your find pests.

Restaurant Tables & Front House Cleaning Checklist

Checklist for daily cleaning:
– Surfaces such as bar tabletops, and booths need to be clean and sanitized
– Restroom cleaning and sanitation
– Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop hard floor surfaces
– Condiment dispenser wipe down
– Clean menus

Checklist for weekly cleaning:
– Dust of ceiling fans, light fixtures, walls, frames, blinds, and other such surfaces
– Chair and table leg cleaning
– Baseboards need to be wiped down

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Keeping the restaurant cleaned is simple enough, however, when you have professionals helping you, such as those from Baker Sandoval Cleaning, our specialists can help you take care of the deep cleaning while you maintain it during business hours. We know the expectations and guidelines restaurants and can ensure they are clean above minimum standards. Contact us today!

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