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Commercial Restroom Cleaning Standards & Procedures in Lyons, CO; How to Clean & Disinfect a Public Bathroom

When you are a business owner, keeping your building clean is a big part of your success. Customers don’t care to walk into a business that doesn’t look neat and organized, because that gives the impression that the services they offer will also not be neat and organized. Beyond just organizing your building, keeping the restrooms clean is also something you need to give appropriate attention to. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about the importance of restroom disinfection cleaning.

What Makes Restroom Disinfecting a Priority?

For many people, one of the biggest areas of concern when it comes to cleaning their building, is the restrooms. This is especially true in the world we live in today with so many people worried about contracting COVID 19. Research has proven that there are over 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch in most commercial restrooms. This high amount of contaminates makes it painfully obvious that if there were a place for COVID 19 to thrive, the bathrooms of your building would definitely be it. This is why there is such a strong emphasis when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting restrooms in commercial buildings.

How to Properly Clean & Disinfect a Public Restroom

Keeping a public restroom disinfected is much different than disinfecting the bathrooms found in your home. The cleaning, disinfecting and procedures done to clean a public restroom are much more involved and should be done by professionals. Here is what you can expect to happen when your restrooms are being cleaned and disinfected properly.
– Use color coded microfiber cloths so that you can avoid cross contamination issues.
– All areas that are high contact surfaces should be the focus. This includes areas like door handles, paper towel dispensers, push plates, fixture handles and stall latches if there are any.
– You will want documented proof that your restrooms have been disinfected and when.
– A cleaning plan should be in place and followed closely to ensure you aren’t forgetting any areas in the home.
– Hospital grade disinfectants should be used to clean the bathrooms. These cleaning supplies should be approved by the EPA.

Areas You May Not Think to Clean

There are definitely some areas in the bathroom that are hot spots and will get cleaned more often because of their visibility. It is important that the areas that aren’t always in plain sight aren’t forgotten about though. This includes surfaces like the base of toilets, grout, soap dispensers and other fixtures found throughout the bathroom. It is important that your janitorial staff is giving these areas the attention that they need even if they aren’t always in plain sight.

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If you are finding it difficult to stay on top of your commercial cleaning, or aren’t happy with your current cleaning service, call on the cleaning experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning. Not only will we ensure your restrooms are disinfected, but the rest of your building as well. Call us today!

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