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Common Bacteria Found In Bathrooms, Kitchens & Boulder CO Homes; Call Baker Sandoval for Professional House Cleaning & Sanitizing

There is much floating around our homes that contributes to allergies and ailments. From pet dander to dust mites and even mold. But what about the bacteria that could be festering nearby?

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to briefly account the common bacteria that is found in your home. They include Micrococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus and Pseudomonas.

Micrococcus: A sphere shaped bacteria, that is actually fairly harmless. More frequently found on human skin, but can easily found in soil, water, and some meat products. This bacteria feeds on dead and decomposing materials, or what’s known as saprophyte and contributes to fish spoiling. This bacteria can amplify a human to sweat and be more pungent. Micrococcus requires oxygen to grow and reproduce. Species include Micrococcus Luteus, Micrococcus Roseus, and Micrococcus Varians.
Staphylococcus: Another sphere shaped bacteria and more widely known than Micrococcus, especially among the medical field. Found nearly everywhere, Staphylococcus typically doesn’t cause infections. 50% of people have this bacteria in their nasal passages, throats and hair. However, Staphylococcus can cause some major illnesses such as skin infections, food poisoning and toxic shock syndrome. This bacteria can even reproduce and excel without oxygen.
Bacillus: More rod shaped and is more sturdy. It is capable of reproducing endospores. Endospores are structures that are tiny, solid and can withstand adverse conditions. Generally Bacillus is more harmless and is located in soil, dirt, water, and even sometimes found in the human digestive system. Although, some species of Bacillus can contribute to food poisoning, illness or infections. An interesting fact is genus contained the mystery organism isolated from a 250-million-year-old salt crystal; probably the oldest living cell discovered.
Pseudomonas: Rod shaped, also found in soil and water, along with some plants. This bacteria is more known for its adept ways and is considered a nosocomial infection, commonly gained while in the hospital. This organism is prone to attack people who are immuno-compromised. This bacterium can produce infections and exotoxins. Though Pseudomonas can’t do much to a healthy person.

There are a number of household bacteria species that could be lurking in your home, and are not specified above. But bacteria is commonly found in the following areas:

 Kitchen sink, near drain
 Kitchen sponge or counter cleaning cloth
 Kitchen floor, in front of sink
 Kitchen countertop
 Kitchen faucet handle
 Dishtowel
 Bathtub area near drain
 Bathroom faucet handle
 Bathroom sink, near drain
 Bathroom floor, in front of toilet
 Bathroom countertop
 Toilet Bowl
 Pet food dish, inner rim
 Garbage pail
 Children’s toys, high chair and training potty
 Microwave buttons
 Kitchen cutting board
 Kitchen telephone
 Television remote
 Computer keyboard and mouse

Professional House Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Basically, bacteria can be found near anywhere. It is not always harmful, but these areas should be cleaned and sanitized for a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t have the time, physical ability or inclination; contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

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