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Hospital Housekeeping Practices & Medical Facility Cleaning Services Management Checklist & Standards in Boulder CO

Professional medical facility cleaning can help support your infection control plan. By partnering with a cleaning service that is serious and committed to infection control, you can have complete assurance and peace of mind that thorough cleaning procedures are in place to help protect your medical practice from germs and disease. Medical cleaning services are a definite cut above your regular domestic cleaning services. Medical cleaning requires a level of expertise and professionalism utilizing cleaning protocols and medical grade cleaning solutions that are designed to provide a superior level of disinfection and sanitation to ensure a clean and healthy environment within your medical facility.

Hospital Acquired Infection Statistics

According to independent studies, as many as one in every twenty patients and/or family members visiting a medical facility will contract an illness that is directly related to surface germs and bacteria. When it comes to medical facilities, what you can’t see really can hurt you by causing illness and in extreme cases even death. As the list of hospital acquired Infections (HAI’s) continues to grow it is extremely important to achieve a higher level of cleanliness in areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, and restrooms especially for medical and dental practices to help ensure the safety of their patients.

The experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning recommend the following three considerations when choosing a medical facility cleaning service:

Infection Control: Professional cleaning and proper surface disinfection are an important part of your infection control plan. Baker Sandoval Cleaning uses hospital-grade disinfectants and advanced cleaning protocols to help reduce disease transmission and cross-contamination.
Professional Reputation: A professionally cleaned medical facility has a direct impact on your reputation and patient impressions. When patients enter your healthcare facility, sit in the waiting room and use the restroom, they are quick to judge the cleanliness of your facility by sight and smell. A clean environment can help patients and family members feel more comfortable when receiving medical care.
Hospital Grade Cleaning Solutions: Your facility uses top of the line medical equipment. Baker Sandoval Cleaning uses the most advanced disinfecting and sanitizing solutions on the market to help kill germs and eliminate odors combined with commercial cleaning protocols designed for clinical and medical environments.

During a Baker Sandoval Cleaning medical facility cleaning, special attention will be paid to areas such as:

• Sanitation of all door handles, light switches and countertop surfaces.
• Detailed, deep clean of all public areas such as restrooms and waiting areas
• Full compliance with appropriate rules and regulations; including any special requests from the medical facility.

Professional Dentist, Hospital & Medical Facility Cleaning, Janitorial & House Cleaning in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Medical facilities require a specially trained team of cleaning technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable in the correct use, amounts and the specific order of cleaning solutions required to remove pathogens from surfaces. Floor and carpet cleaning are also extremely important as these surfaces have the capacity to absorb contaminants and irritants that can cause allergies and illness. The cleaning technicians and specialists at Baker Sandoval Cleaning are specifically trained in all areas of medical facility cleaning. Contact us today and speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative about medical facility cleaning or any or any of our other residential house cleaning and janitorial cleaning services.

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