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House Cleaning After the Christmas Holiday Decorations Are Stored Away in Eldorado Springs, CO

The holiday season is at the final stretch and quickly following, people will begin to get their homes back in order. The decorations will be stored and replaced by the general décor items and cleaning the messes from the festivities is about to commence. With that in mind, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share some tips on organizing and cleaning the holiday fun.

House Cleaning After the Holidays

1) Fabric Décor. Tree skirts, table cloths, chair covers and other such holiday décor that are constructed out of fabric can be easily stored in vacuum storage bags. Ensure they are all washed and thoroughly dried. Place a fabric softener sheet inside the bag or bin to help preserve the freshness.
2) Gift Wrapping Paraphernalia. Wrapping does not happen merely once a year more often than not, with the different birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift giving events throughout the year. Keeping the paraphernalia handy is ideal. An optimal and common option is a hanging organizer or a roll under the bed storage kit where the stuff is organized, out of the way, and easily reached.
3) Christmas Lights. Avoiding the tangled mess next year will be preferable when it’s time to get the lights out for the tree and additional décor. There are several tangle free storage options for your lights; use heavy duty coat hangers to strategically wrap the lights or opt for the tangle resistant light storage cases are convenient to keep the lights organized and untangled. Place a sheet of cardboard in between the layers of wrapped hangers for increased storage.
4) Christmas Ornaments. Bubble-wrap the fragile ornaments in boxes and chests as a good way to store them. For easy identifying for years to come print out the contents of the ornaments onto an index card, and tape them to the exterior storage case.
5) Artificial Tree. A quality artificial tree can last you years if properly cared for and stored properly. Be sure you allow for adequate space when it comes time to store it. You want to ensure it will not be crushed during the off season and to do so store your tree in a Christmas tree bag or rolling case and tuck it away in a storage closet or a safe area in the garage.
6) Holiday Villages & Collectibles. Whenever possible, these fun decorations are better stored in the original Styrofoam casing and box and from there, stacked heaviest on the bottom of the bin and lightest on top. Be sure to bubble wrap the fragile pieces and compact them in your storage bin tightly and wedge the space with junk towels or blankets if you did not store original packaging to avoid damage.
7) Hardware Storage. Found in any home improvement shop and you can select the size most fitting for your collection are handy hardware organization case. It can help you organize extra hooks, zip ties, ornament repair essentials, and other little related goodies.
8) Elevated Storage in the Garage. You can invest in elevated storage kits that can store your bins out of the way without sacrificing floor or shelf space in your garage when you otherwise lack space for your annual holiday décor.

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When you need to get your home or business cleaned from top to bottom after the décor is put away and the festivities come to a close, call in the experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning today to get the job done right!

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