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Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting to Prevent Germs in School & Childcare Settings in Superior, CO

It’s that time of year when presents will be passed around. Along with presents being exchanged so will the dreaded flu! At schools, students and staff members alike are at higher risk of contracting the flu. Children just aren’t as diligent with hygiene as adults are. Unfortunately, their fellow classmates and teachers will suffer the consequences. Then they bring the flu home to you and the rest of the family where you all may get sick right before the holidays!

Preventing Flu Viruses & Germs in the Classroom

The bad news is that viruses are inevitable, and the flu is dangerous and highly contagious. It affects three to five million people every year. You may get lucky and have a mild case with few symptoms or it can be severe, possibly fatal. The flu can be slowed down with good hygiene practices, but good hygiene practices are missing from many schools. Correct hand washing practices are vital to prevent the flu from spreading at school. The other is professional cleaning and disinfection of items that are frequently touched. These include desks, countertops, door knobs and faucet handles. Students and teachers are touching these items all the time through the day. When you hire the right cleaning company you can keep the germs at bay to keep everyone healthy and happy for Christmas.

Cleaning Procedures & Standards at School

1. Routine cleaning– Cleaning routinely will remove dirt and soil but it will also stop the spread of the cold and flu. Make sure the school is free of germs by having it cleaned regularly because viruses can live on a surface for 48 hours and will affect anyone that touches it.
2. Disinfect frequently touched areas– All the places in the classroom that are touched a lot over the course of a day need to be properly disinfected. Outside the classroom, areas like the cafeteria and athletic areas also need to be disinfected. This can provide you with a plan of action to avoid and outbreak in your school.
3. Proper disinfection— Simple cleaning solutions are probably not enough to kill cold and flu germs. The number one job of a disinfectant is to disinfect not to clean. So, the surfaces first need to be cleaned before they are disinfected. Professional products have stronger disinfectants for a better clean.
4. Use cleaning products safely— Disinfecting cleaners that aren’t used the right way can be dangerous. It’s also dangerous to mix some of them. Serious injury and even death can occur if things aren’t done the right way. Instead of using untrained workers to clean, hire a qualified company to do it and keep the surfaces in your school free of germs.

School Cleaning Services & More in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

To ensure your staff and students won’t be missing days of school due to sickness, then hire a professional cleaning company to clean, disinfect and sanitize your school on a regular basis. Baker Sandoval Cleaning has the experience and training to properly clean schools with the right products to keep your school healthy. Contact us today!

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