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Housekeeping & Cleaning Tips & Secrets; How to Clean a House Fast & Properly in Brighton, CO

Cleaning your house isn’t fun. Are there ways to make it easier? Why are some products and methods used over others? Baker Sandoval Cleaning presents lots of helpful tips for cleaning your house the right way!

House Cleaning Tips & Secrets

1. Sponges vs. microfiber cloths. Sponges harbor microscopic germs regardless of how clean they smell. For this reason, you should stay away from using them and use microfiber cloths instead. These cloths are better at cleaning and can be thrown in the washing machine and dry quickly which means they won’t be holding onto germs.
2. Brooms vs. vacuums. Brooms will only move dust and dirt around instead of picking it up. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner rather than a broom to get it all picked up. Just make sure it’s in good working order. Clean the roller brush from time to time and replace the HEPA filters. The suction of your vacuum cleaner will be less effective if you don’t maintain it.
3. Floor cleaner vs. floor steamer. Floor cleaners are a good option to get your floors clean, but floor steamers are fabulous for added clean. They are great at removing stains from ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring because they get extremely hot. Hot enough to kill lingering bacteria in areas that can hard to get at or grout. If a whole family gets sick it can leave germs everywhere. Steam clean to rid your home of them.
4. Toilet brush vs. disposable toilet wands. The life of a toilet brush stinks. It cleans toilets and then gets put back in a holder to sit in germs. Using disposable toilet wands is much more sanitary they have cleaners built right into them. They also scrub better and won’t have unwanted germs hanging around in your freshly cleaned bathroom.
5. Brand name cleaners vs. make your own cleaners. You may be surprised to learn that the cleaners you can make at home work better than the ones you buy at the store. Simple products like vinegar and rubbing alcohol make great cleaning solutions.

House Cleaning Mistakes

Not cleaning from top to bottom. Leaving your dusty ceiling fans for the end of the cleaning day means you’ll have dust all over your vacuumed floors.
Forgetting to turn off the brush roller on your vacuum when you switch to hard floors. Leaving the brush on while have you vacuum hard floors will have dust and debris blowing everywhere.
Cleaning windows on a sunny day. The added heat can cause cleaners to dry before you wipe them and leave streaks behind.
Not allowing tile cleaner to sit a few minutes before scrubbing. When you allow these cleaners to sit for a few minutes they can soften and dissolve soap scum and stains which means less scrubbing.

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If you’re having a hard time fitting house cleaning in then call Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We’re in the business of cleaning and we do it well. Our professional cleaning services will have your home looking fabulous! Give us a call today!

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