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How Can I Make My Office Desk More Productive in West Pleasant View, CO? Clear, Clean & More

Spring cleaning is ideal. It helps people get organized and gets rid of the clutter. Where many people should definitely take care of their homes, it should also apply to your work desk, whether you are in the office or working from home. To ensure your workspace is clean and decluttered, one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and productive. In order to encourage better focus and slow the spread of germs, you need a clean, clutter-free desk that is organized. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to elaborate on cleaning the desk of your office.

Why is a Clean Desk Policy Important?

You are open to more than just the threat of germs when it comes to an untidy desk. You can also be made to feel frustrated and unmotivated when hunting for missing items amid stacks of papers can be a big-time waster. With sensitive information such as HR, Management, Financial, and other such documents, you need to be in a situation to deal with whatever comes up. It is easy to misplace or have that information fall into the wrong hands when you have a messy desk. Below are a few facts about workspaces to consider:
– On your desk, the viruses, like the cold and flu, can stay for 24 hours. Especially during this season where many people are spreading germs, make certain to do a quick disinfectant daily.
– For people with clean desks, focus improves greatly. Those with clean workspaces, an average of 8 minutes per hour of better focus.
– Up to 7,500 bacteria, can be on an office keyboard. Coworkers with dirty desk spaces are admittedly judged by about 57% of people.

What is the Most Effective Way to Clean Desks?

You can have a healthy and productive year if you apply the tips below to get and keep that workspace clean all year long.
1) Completely clear off your desk with a dedicated and committed one-time effort, which should keep you from doing it again.
2) Have 3 piles separated as you sort through the stuff which include Trash – Keep – Process.
3) Comb through the things that are obvious items you are keeping such as staplers, decors, photos and other office supplies.
4) Everything that is not trash needs to be filed through next. That paper you need to file, the email you printed out, and so forth needs to be dealt with any item that comes up that can be completed in 2 minutes or less.
5) Dispose of the trash.
6) Dust surface of desk and any items that are returning and clean well, as well as disinfect the handles and surfaces.

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To keep it looking its best and your productivity at a high level all year round, develop a routine to maintain the space clean. Quickly clear your desk to keep it manageable. In setting a good tone for the following day, find five minutes at the end of every day to straighten. For the rest of the office in Boulder, CO, call in the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let us assist you with cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces in your business premises.

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