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How Do I Prepare for Commercial Cleaning Services in Limon, CO? Keep Workspace Clear of Clutter & More

When a commercial building hires a janitorial or commercial cleaning service you will need to prepare the building to be cleaned. It is important to prepare the building for cleaning to ensure the building receives a detailed cleaning. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share how to prepare for your commercial cleaning service to ensure you get an efficient, detailed cleaning.

Keep Workspace Clear of Clutter

When you have a janitorial or commercial cleaning service scheduled to come and clean your building, you will want to clean up random clutter. A cleaning service doesn’t touch a personal items, office documents or other material concerning the business, so as not to disturb the person’s work. If you want a desk, computer, and other surfaces cleaned, you will want to keep as much surface area open as possible. For a more detailed cleaning of the building, clean up clutter or prevent clutter on all surfaces such as on the floors, on the desks, and on counters.

Avoid Unreachable Windows

A cleaning or janitorial service as they clean the building will include the windows as one of the many surfaces they ensure are clean. When cleaning windows the janitors or cleaners need space to clean the windows. If there is furniture or other items stacked around the windows you will want to clean them away from the windows so they can be cleaned. If the cleaning or janitorial service cannot access the windows, the windows cannot be cleaned. To prepare the building to be clean make sure the cleaning service can access the windows. Therefore, make sure there is plenty of space.

Ask Employees to Clean Desk

When you are have a cleaning company come to the building it may be during working hours or after hours. Whenever you have the cleaning crew scheduled, regardless of the time, make sure to inform all of the employees. Having the employees clean up there respected work area and giving them time to prepare their area will ensure a cleaner building. If anyone needs to work late they should be aware when the building is schedule to be cleaned. If people are present often a cleaning service will give them their space and those areas may not be cleaned.

Communicate Special Cleaning Needs

Before your cleaning crew arrives to begin cleaning the building, you can contact them about any special needs you may require. You may need the carpets deep cleaned, the tile cleaned and perhaps sealed. When you have additional cleaning requirements that are not part of the routine cleaning you will need to contact your cleaning service. A janitorial cleaning typically performs the routine cleaning for the building. For additional or deeper cleaning you will need a commercial cleaning service that can perform specialty cleaning services. Often janitorial cleaning services work with a commercial cleaning service that can perform those additional cleaning needs. You can contact your janitorial cleaning service and request the specialty cleaning you require.

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Cleaning Services in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

There are many ways to prepare for a cleaning service. The more prepared your building is for cleaning, the more detailed and efficient the cleaning service can be. For commercial and janitorial cleaning services, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

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