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How to Clean & Disinfect Flu, Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, MRSA & Streptococcus Viruses from Surfaces in Lyons, CO

With the current social distancing situation we are experiencing, there is a lot of talk about sickness and viruses, especially COVID-19. It has left people wondering now more than they ever have, how long viruses can stay alive on a surface? The answer to this question is somewhat complex as it depends on what you are dealing with. With COVID-19 hitting full force, many people have forgotten that the flu also poses a strong risk of serious illness as well. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about the flu virus and how long it can stay alive on surfaces as well as other viruses that we are facing out there.

Exactly How Long Can the Flu Virus Survive?

When someone has the flu, it is no secret that the virus can spread easily. Usually we are dealing with this problem from October clear until May in Colorado. The flu can survive on a surface for about 24 hours after it has left the host. In a facial tissue, it can only survive about 15 minutes. If the virus is on your hands, it is only seriously contagious for about 5 minutes and the risk is much lower. When droplets are airborne and the temperature is lower, they are going to be contagious much longer than other conditions. When the flu virus is compared to other viruses, this is what the timetable looks like:
– Flu: 24 hours
– Rhinovirus (common cold): 7 days
– Coronavirus: Up to 9 days
– Streptococcus: 3 days to 6.5 months
– MRSA (Staph): Up to 3 weeks

How to Clean & Disinfect Flu Contaminated Surfaces

There are thankfully some steps that can be taken to clean flu-contaminated surfaces to help limit the spread of this sometimes fatal virus. Following are the steps that should be taken and how to achieve them.
– Basic Cleaning: When you are cleaning a surface, you may not be completely getting rid of the virus, but you are cleaning germs, dirt and other impurities that make it much more likely to spread the flu.
– Disinfecting: This is done with the use of some sort of chemical disinfectant to remove the flu virus from surfaces and lower the risk even more of spreading it.
– Sanitizing: When you sanitize a surface, you are going to be removing and lowering the amount of flu viruses to a level that is safe for all of those that may come in contact with the surface.

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With businesses shut down for the time being, there is no better time to have your building sanitized than now. After the stay at home order is lifted this week, many businesses will be reopening. Enlist the help of the professionals at Baker Sandoval Cleaning help you get your business ready to ensure your employees as well as your customers are safe from viruses like the flu and COVID-19. Call us today!

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