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Now is Perfect to Deep Clean & Disinfect Businesses Closed Due to COVID-19 in Longmont, CO Before Reopening

With the pandemic continuing, more businesses are finding that they have to temporarily shutdown to reduce the public concentration and help stop coronavirus from spreading. Though many are doing what they can to contribute, there is still work to be done. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share why now is a beneficial time to clean your closed down business. Being that many germs and bacteria can spread through simply touching surfaces, in addition to clearing out the clutter, disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces is essential. Removing the dirt and grime buildup, any unsightly stains, and other cleaning duties need to be executed to prepare your business for reopening. Below is a basic checklist to help you get started.

Cleaning Bathrooms & Restrooms

Not only is now a good time to tackle the cleaning, but any minor repairs can also be done. When cleaning the bathroom, start from the ceiling and end at the floors. Clean off any exhaust fans and light fixtures. Any dust on the ceiling should be easily wiped clean as well. Not only should vanity mirrors be cleaned, by now is a good time to have them polished. Be sure sinks, soap dispensers as well as paper towel dispenser or dryers be cleaned and sanitized. Any hard water spots and soap scum residues should be adequately removed as well. Clean and sanitize the bathroom stalls, toilet paper dispenser and toilet paper protector dispenser as well as a thorough cleaning of the toilet. Lastly, be sure the floors are effectively cleaned, and all spots and stains removed as well as sanitize the surface.

Break Room Cleanliness

Start with decluttering and tossing out unneeded items, especially in the refrigerator. As with the bathroom, gravity works, start at the top and work your way down. Clean off the dust bunnies from the ceiling, light fixtures, and exhaust fans/registers. Clean and sanitize the coffee machine, microwave, table, chairs, countertops, and so on. Be sure the floor is cleaned of any stains and spot and ensure it too is sanitized.

Importance of Cleaning Lobbies

Toss out old magazines, if this applies, and any other clutter. Wipe down the ceiling, light fixtures, and registers. Wipe down the walls, chairs, sofas, and end tables. Disinfect any card or pamphlet holders a well as magazine racks. Have the upholstery deep cleaned and sanitized by a pro. Make certain the floors are thoroughly cleaned, removed of any spots and stains as well as sanitized and deodorized.

Cleaning Workstation

Whether you have an office space, retail or any other business, the workspace where staff and even guests gather need your attention. As the common theme goes, declutter the area and start from the top and work your way to the floor. Clean the dust bunnies off the light fixtures and registers/vents. Wipe down the walls and wall d├ęcor. Sanitized and wipe down any equipment such as registers, computers, and so forth. Deep clean the floors, removing the spots and stains.

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To ensure your business is fully cleaned, sanitized and deodorized, from the various types and floors and upholstery as well as any other surfaces in the business, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let us take care of the cleaning.

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