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How to Clean Wooden Storage, Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets & Doors; Solutions for Boulder CO Homes, Apartments & Businesses

Kitchen cabinets experience a lot of wear and tear throughout their daily uses. Grease, food debris, liquid spills and dust muck up the cabinets quickly. As a result, kitchen cabinets should be cleaned regularly and often. Wood cabinets (or anything in the home for that matter) needs proper care and cleaning procedures to contribute to a longer efficiency life.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like share a few tips in keeping your wooden cabinetry cleaned and cared for.

Daily Wood Cabinet Cleaning Solutions

The daily wipe down of our cabinets should take place a minimum of once a day, or as needed on major cooking days.
– For a mild cleanser, mix equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. If vinegar is pungent and offensive, mix a 1 tsp. of dish soap to a cup of water. Avoid using commercial cleaners, as they could cause warping, lightening affects, or deteriorating consequences. (Vinegar smell clears away once cabinets are fully dry.)
– Especially after cooking, but whenever you tackle the kitchen mess, spray all the cabinet surfaces with your preferred solution, and wipe down well with a clean, damp cloth. Do not allow the wood cabinets to be soaked, as excessive water can warp and damage your cabinets. Gently mist the surface area with the solution and make sure your damp cloth is well rung.
– Dry the cabinets with a clean dry cloth or towel. As mentioned before, moisture will warp wood.
– Should you find the kitchen cabinets have received no punishment, it is still wise to do a light dusting. Grease and steam contributes to build up. Keeping dust levels low will help care for your cabinets.

Routinely Clean Cabinet Interiors

Spices, and other foods you store in cabinets will inevitably spill on occasion. Cleaning the interior of your cabinets every so often will help preserve your cabinets, and avoid an ant or other insect problem. How often you decide to do this task depends on the abuse the interior takes. Doing this chore quarterly, however, will keep the inside of your cabinets clean and well cared for.
– Remove everything from your cabinets.
– Remove any fallen debris with a vacuum or mini brush and dustpan.
– With either the vinegar or dish soap solution, lightly mist the bottom, tops, sides, and each shelf, an wipe down well.
– Dry immediately following with a clean towel or cloth.

If you notice any of the residents that live with you have a terrible case of the clumsy hands, invest in cabinet liners, and quality containers to help reduce spills, and make clean up simpler.

Deep Clean Wood Cabinets

Even with daily cleaning intentions, it is true not everyone can afford the time to do it as diligently as they should. If you should find yourself in this predicament, and realized your cabinets have multiple layers of grease, spills and dust build up, a deep cleaning may need to be conducted. For this task, purchase an oil soap wood cleaner. It is designed to be gentle on wood, yet powerful enough to cut through the layers. Always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous spot to make sure the purchased oil soap wood cleaner doesn’t compromise your cabinets color.
– Apply the cleanser to a clean, soft and dry cloth and rub away the filth in a circular manner. Do not scrub roughly or apply too much pressure or you might compromise the varnish. Continue rubbing in the oil soap until the layers of grime have been removed.
– With a dry, clean cloth, dry away all remaining residue.

If the oil soap wood cleaner was unable to penetrate a long building stain of grease, spills and dust, create a baking soda paste. It is a mild abrasive that should be able to lift the tougher caked-on mess. Mix enough baking soda and water to create the paste and solidity right for the job and apply to the needed areas.
– Allow mixture to absorb for at least 15 minutes.
– Scrub away the crust with a spatula or scraper gently as to not cause damage to your cabinets.

Furniture Polish

After each cleaning, a follow up with your favorite wood furniture polish will give your wood cabinets a lustrous shine and added sparkle.
– Always ensure the cabinets are clean before using the furniture polish, as this can add to the mess.
– Spray the polish onto a clean, soft cloth.
– With circular motions, rub in the polish gently.
– Buff with a secondary clean, cloth remove remaining residue to increase shine.

Professional Cabinet, House Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Boulder, Longmont, Brighton Colorado

Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers many cleaning services, including kitchen cleaning, that can assist in your home or business’ clean shine and scent. If you lack the time or physical capability, or even the desire, one of our trained professionals can get your home or office clean and beautified in no time. Contact us today!

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