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How to Clean Your Gym or Fitness Center in Fort Collins, CO; Surface Cleaning, Disinfection of Equipment & More

For a fitness or athletic center owner, nothing has been quite the same since COVID-19 first hit. Even after almost two years later, COVID-19 and its variants still plague our businesses and homes . One of the key ways to combat viruses is with a strict cleaning protocol. For a fitness center, there are a number of ways you can ensure your fitness center is clean and free of contaminates such as germs and viruses. For those who run a fitness center, you know how important a strict cleaning routine is. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share a few cleaning tips for fitness center owners and other similar businesses.

Create Hygiene Protocol for Your Fitness Clients

Gyms and fitness centers have always requested that their clients keep the equipment and the areas they work out clean. However, with the presence of COVID-19 and its new variants, you can implement more strict hygiene and cleaning protocols. You can have your clients wipe down the work out equipment and benches with sanitation wipes. Also have hand sanitizers at the front door of the building to help encourage clients to have clean hands before touching the equipment. Along with having sanitation wipes handy, make it easy to dispose of the wipes as well. To get your clients to comply with cleaning policies, make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Cleaning a Fitness Facility to Maintain Standards of Cleanliness

A clean gym or fitness center helps to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. A clean fitness center also attracts new clients and retains your current clientele as well. A clean fitness center looks great and always looks more inviting. For a safer and more attractive fitness center, it is important to have the fitness center clean. A fitness center needs the combined efforts of the center’s employees and a professional cleaning service. You can break down the cleaning needs of the fitness center into three steps.
Step 1. Employee Cleaning Training: During the day the fitness center will need ongoing cleaning to keep equipment, door knobs and other surfaces free of germs and viruses. Your staff needs to know the proper protocols on cleaning and disinfecting the many different surfaces that guests, clients and staff touches every day. To help your employees, you can create a data sheet of all surfaces that need to be wiped down and disinfected and have them done multiple times a day.
Step 2. Stay Organized: For your employees to perform their needed cleaning duties, it is important to stay organized and stocked. You will need to have clean rags and disinfectant cleaners stocked and other cleaning products on hand. You will want to have all of your cleaning supplies stocked in advance, as well as other items such as hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, bathroom products and more. The more organized you are, the more effective your cleaning effort will be.
Step 3. Seek a Professional Cleaning Service: Lastly, you will want to seek the help of an ongoing cleaning service to come to the fitness center and do a thorough cleaning. They can both clean, disinfectant and sanitize the fitness center and ensure it looks clean and tidy.

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If you need help managing your fitness center’s cleaning needs, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning and schedule our commercial or janitorial cleaning services.

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