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How to Improve the Environment of a Call Center in Louisville, CO; Headset Hygiene, Clean Bathrooms & More

A call center typically only houses employees taking customer service-related calls. Though visitors may come and go, the primary occupants are the staff. When it comes to the call center, keeping it clean must be a priority. Maintaining a clean environment will keep productivity high and minimize employees passing around ailments. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to highlight the top concerns of the call center as far as cleanliness goes.

Headset Hygiene

In order to operate their computers while listening and talking to callers, call center staff members wear headsets more often than not. Though there are many types of headset models, cleaning and sanitizing them is essential, especially if they are shared with employees working opposite shifts. Sharing headsets increases a serious risk of infections being passed around the workplace. Though it is better to give employees their own specific headset, they should still be routinely cleaned. Make sure there is no power running to the device and use sanitizing wipes to clean the surface. For a deep clean, be sure to consult the user manual for safe and efficient cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality

It is reported that in some areas, indoor air quality can be 5 times worse than it is outside. As most people know from living through COVID-19, viruses and other contaminates can be easily transmitted if the surface areas are not kept clean and sanitized. Many factors contribute to the indoor air quality. The top sources include air ducts, upholstery, rugs and/ or carpets, dust accumulation, and so much more. The importance of daily cleaning is essential, and it does impact the indoor air quality. Having the carpets and rugs vacuumed daily, surfaces dusted and sanitized often, taking the trash out every day, and cleaning hard surface flooring cleaned and washed are critical on a day-today-basis. This not only keeps the environment clean and healthy but help keep the indoor air quality good.

Bathroom & Restroom Disinfection

Bathroom cleanliness is always a concern where there are multiple people using the facilities. Where we hope most people clean up after themselves, there is still tasks that must be performed to keep it sanitized. Trash should be removed daily, surfaces sanitized often, mirrors and floors wiped as well.

DIY VS Hiring Professional Janitors

Though these are the top concerns in a call center, the whole facility needs TLC on a routine basis. Outsourcing the cleaning to experts can ensure the establishment is properly cleaned and sanitized, preferably daily, but as often as you want it scheduled. Having the professional keep the facility clean and sanitized can help keep infections from spreading, minimize sick days, maintain a healthy environment for the staff that often promotes productivity and more.

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