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How to Be Neat, Tidy, Clean & Organized While Decorating Your Boulder, CO Home for the Christmas Holidays

Getting ready for Christmas is always an exciting journey. Some Christmas music playing as you pull out the decorations, and sip on hot cocoa as the peppermint candles glow. This is an excellent way to invite the Christmas spirit. But have you ever noticed that sometimes getting your home ready for Christmas often invokes a bigger mess?

Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy, Clean & Organized While Decorating for the Christmas Holidays

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to relate some tips and advice on keeping things tidy while you decorate your home for the holidays.
1. Buying a Freshly Cut Christmas Tree to Minimize Pine Needle Mess. Without a doubt, when you head to off to the tree lots, you want the perfect tree that is up to your standards. No matter what characteristics you have to have on your real tree, perform a quality test before you buy!
Christmas Tree Quality Test:
– Pull on a few random needles, if there is little to no resistance that is a red flag it is dry and may not last the season without leaving a giant pile of needles on the floor.
– Shake 1-3 limbs lightly to moderately; if they feel brittle or needles fall off in excess, it is another indication it is extremely dry and will not last the season.
– Finally, evaluate the stump, if it has a sticky coating, it means it was cut awhile ago and will not last.
If you take the time to ensure your tree is fresh and will last the duration of the holiday season you can minimize the pine needle mess as well as the sappy buildup. Additionally, they will not be as flammable as the trees that were cut over a long period and are far dryer.
– For safety, keep your tree away from fireplaces or heating vents. Cut trees are susceptible to catching on fire and heat will cause them to dry out faster.
– If little, immature, and curious fingers can gain easy access to your tree, avoid hanging the fragile ornaments on the bottom, this will avoid breaks and messes.
– Invest in a Christmas tree stand that has a dish, not only will these keep your tree hydrated, it will help contain sap and needles; minimizing the filth.

2. Candle Wax Spills & Soot Damage on Windows Requiring Cleaning. Candles have a tendency to contribute to plenty of messes. Opt for the electronic candles that have no mess, and increased safety. If you are insistent on using traditional candles, keep them from flammable materials and windows to reduce a smoky film on the windows. If the candle drizzles excessive wax, place a small dish or something similar to keep the mess contained and easily cleaned. Keep them lit away from reach where they can easily knocked over. Always extinguish flames before leaving your home, or retiring to bed.

3. Unpacking Christmas Decorations. When unpacking your decorations, get them out methodically to avoid the chaos and mess involved in getting over zealous. Put away the regular d├ęcor as you go. For interior and exterior lights, keep the cords securely tucked away in the corners and floor, taping them down in a stylish manner. This keeps it from being an eyesore, the cord mess orderly, and helps naturally clumsy folks from finding extra items to trip over.

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If you need help getting your home clean in time for holiday parties and gatherings; contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning and our experienced experts will get your home spotless and fresh for your guests.

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