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Recommendations for Cleaning & Disinfecting Surfaces in Gyms & Fitness Centers in Castle Rock, CO

For those struggling to maintain a fitness center, you know that one of the greatest challenges is ensuring a clean and safe place for your clients to come and workout in. With the COVID-19 virus and all the new variants, the world is still not at peace and businesses must still work harder than ever to keep their buildings clean and sanitized. The nature of a fitness center requires a diligent cleaning service to come daily to clean and sanitize the workout equipment. For those who own or run a fitness center and need help cleaning the building and equipment, Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share what steps you must take to have a clean and safe fitness center.

Know Proper CDC Guidelines

When you need to know how to keep a fitness or athletic center safe from harmful viruses such as COVID-19, you should look to the professionals. CDC’s provide a Reopening Guide for Cleaning and Disinfecting that will help any business owner ensure a safer environment. The first step every business owner should take is researching government jurisdictions and guidelines and resources that are available to the nature of your business such as a fitness center. As part of these guidelines they encourage business owners to know the different cleaning classifications such as:
• Cleaning – Using soap and water to remove impurities, germs, and dirt. The CDC suggests all surfaces be cleaned prior to disinfecting.
• Sanitizing – Use the proper products in the removal of bacteria specifically identified on products or in a fitness center training equipment.
• Disinfecting – Using proper products is the process of destroying pathogens and microorganisms that may be living on fixed surfaces.
• Sterilizing – Is a process that eliminates all forms of life including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
For a fitness center you will see there isn’t just one form of cleaning that needs to take place but different forms of cleaning in the right stages.

Plan a Cleaning Checklist & Schedule

When you need to find more effective ways to ensure all steps of cleaning your fitness is properly completed, you may want to seek professional cleaning or janitorial services. Before hiring a cleaning or janitorial service, you will want to itemize all areas of your fitness center that needs proper attention. You will want to prioritize surfaces that are most touched by you clients and staff every day. These surfaces can be door knobs, workout equipment, and bathroom fixtures. Areas or items that are frequently touched needs to be cleaned and disinfected. A professional cleaning crew will often know CDC guidelines and what needs cleaning and disinfecting. However, it helps to make a detailed list or devise a cleaning plan to provide your cleaning service to make sure the fitness center gets the cleaning it needs. However, a janitorial or cleaning service only comes once a day to come and clean your fitness center. You may need to train staff to do disinfecting wipe downs after a client has finished using the equipment. Staff should keep up on highly touched areas as well to help combat viruses.

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If you run an athletic center and need a quality cleaning service to help ensure you have a safe place for the public and your staff, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

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