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What is the Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing a Commercial Office in Brighton, CO?

When you are working your job in an office, making sure your office is clean can be very important. You don’t want to get sick from all the germs that can be on your desk. You also shouldn’t want to make your clients think you have a dirty office with dust and dirt everywhere. If you have a dirty workspace not only could your staff get sick, but it could be a total turn-off for clients and they may even contract an illness as well. You may wonder, what are the different options available when it comes to getting your office cleaned? Baker Sandoval Cleaning wants to help you understand the difference when it comes to cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your office.

What is a Cleaning Procedure?

When we are cleaning your office we will be using detergent or soap and water to remove germs from the surfaces. When we use this while cleaning it will help remove the dirt, grime, and debris as well as germs. But there is a problem with just using soap and water. It does not kill all germs but it does reduce the number of them. When cleaning your office it is important to use soap and water to get it clean, but you will want to use more to get the germs away.

What Do You Mean By Disinfecting?

Using a disinfectant in your office can really get it clean. A disinfectant is an application of chemicals that destroy bacteria and viruses on each surface. If you are worried about germs and getting sick this is what you want to use. Disinfectants are the most powerful germ-killing agents. In today’s world, you will want to use disinfect so you can make sure everyone coming and going in your office will not be leaving with an illness they did not want.

What is the Purpose of Sanitizing?

Sanitizers can kill germs but they are generally not as strong as disinfectants. They can kill bacteria but not viruses. Disinfectants can only kill pathogens while sanitizers will also clean your surfaces and destroy and remove germs at one time.

Why a Clean Office is Important

When you walk into an office you might not realize it but you want it to be clean. If someone walks into your office and it looks dirty their impression of you can change. If you have a clean office it can make a great first and lasting impression. When your office is clean it can improve your general well-being, it can keep you healthier and in a better mindset. It can also help increase productivity. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your work done on time just because your office is clean? It could even possibly be saving you money. How can it save me money you might ask? It can help with refurbishments that may become necessary if your office space is not properly maintained.

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If you are thinking you need a good office cleaning and/or a company to keep it clean, Baker Sandoval Cleaning is the company you need. We can clean, disinfect and/or sanitize your commercial premises as best suited to your needs. Call us today!

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