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Rental Property House Cleaning Services Checklist in Longmont, CO, Before New Tenants Begin Moving In!

Rentals see many residents, and if you are moving into one, you are never certain about the diligence they implemented in their cleaning habits, nor know the extent the owners performed to clean and sanitize your new home. On the other hand, it may be time for you to move on to greener pastures and ditch the old rental, but you want your deposit back and to leave on a good note. Or you may own a rental property and feel an obligation to have the home clean and ready for the new tenants. No matter you reasons, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning have some tips and advice you can follow to ensure the home is in tip top condition.

Rental Property House Cleaning Services Checklist

A) Cleaning Apartment or House Rental Kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families and as a result gets the most abuse. Meals are prepared and consumed, crafts and goodies are often completed on the counter spaces and tables, homework, school projects, and work projects get finished, and other harmonious activities often transpire. With that in mind, the kitchen is one of the prime locations of the home that needs work. Besides the obvious, below are a few items to clean and sanitize during your cleaning endeavors.
1. Buildup of grease is often left behind on stoves and backsplashes but fortunately can be cleaned. With a squirt bottle filled with vinegar, generously spray the surface and sprinkle a moderate amount of baking soda, Once the bubbling has subsided, wipe clean.
2. Garbage disposals requires monthly cleaning and odds are, never happened or is at least overdue. Freeze some vinegar in an ice tray and run it down the garbage disposal along with either lemon or orange peelings while the cool water is running.
3. Dishwashers are neglected too often and need some cleaning. Run the dishwasher on empty using lemonade powder and dishwasher detergent. with the citrus acid in the mix your dishwasher will be clean and deodorized.
B) Cleaning Closets and Other Storage Spaces. The storage places and closets are frequently neglected. Normally all you need to do is wipe down the walls, shelves, and tend to the floor thoroughly.
C) Dusting & Washing Walls. If the landlord insisted on repainting the walls you don’t have to worry about any cleaning. Otherwise years of dust, fingerprints, and anything else little ones might leave behind have accumulated and need to be washed. Dust the ceilings, and sanitize the outlets and light switches, be sure to use precaution when cleaning around electrical switches and outlets.
D) Baseboards, Doors & Trim Cleaning. Wipe down all the baseboards, doors, and trim to free it of dust.
E) Cleaning Bathroom. The bathroom is a place where a lot of hygiene practices are done and a lot of collected moisture builds up, which creates a lot of mildew and mold among other contaminates.
1. Spray concentrated vinegar generously on the surfaces soap scum and hard water stains found on the shower and tub, and wipe away clean.
2. For a better clean, combine 1 cup of vinegar in a toilet bowl and allow it to set over night. Come the morning, you can scrub everything away.
3. Mildew stains on grout can be dealt with baking soda. Sprinkle on the mildew, and with an old toothbrush, brush clean.
4. If the showerhead needs attention, unscrew the head and allow soaking in a container of vinegar over night. Rinse thoroughly while using the old toothbrush to gently scrub off any remnants. If the head doesn’t unscrew just wrap a baggy filled with vinegar, and secure it over the showerhead with a rubber band.

Rental Property House Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

If you need any help getting your rental cleaned and sanitized, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today and let our trained experts clean the building from top to bottom! Baker Sandoval Cleaning can handle all your house cleaning and janitorial services.

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