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Importance of Professional Gym Center & Fitness Facility Cleaning in Boulder, CO; Less Germs, Skin Infections & More

When we go to gym we don’t really think of all the sweat that gets left behind. Moist sweat creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and other germs to thrive. Bacteria and germs get moved from one piece of equipment to the next and from the locker room to workout areas. This presents a cleaning challenge to all athletic gyms and fitness facilities but fortunately there is an easy solution; hire a professional cleaning service like Baker Sandoval Cleaning!

Members Expect & Demand a Clean Fitness Center & Gym Equipment

If your facility isn’t clean, your members won’t feel as if they matter and you’ll want your facility clean when potential clients come into the gym. You can lose potential customers if the place smells like old sweat and body odor and if it shows signs of needing a good clean. Hygiene is very important in a gym. There are other reasons that clients expect a clean gym. People feel safe in a clean environment. They also feel more confidence in your business as well as your employees. Members feel important if you make the effort to maintain cleanliness. If they feel this way, they’re likely to come back and refer others to your business too.

Your Gym May Be Harboring Germs that Cause Skin Rashes, Athlete’s Foot & Other Infections

Members come to a gym to get healthy, not become sick if germs and bacteria are lurking. Damp, humid conditions are the perfect breeding ground for germs and infection. Your staff will use less sick days if they don’t become ill at work. Fitness facilities that are poorly maintained can lead to sickness and health issues, from a mild case of athlete’s foot to flu outbreaks. Athlete foot outbreaks should not be taken lightly. The fungus that causes it can lead to other fungal infections that can be transferred easily from person to person via bodily fluids.

Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaning Services for Your Gym Facility or Fitness Center

We are called professionals for a reason! We are trained and have the experience to get your gym clean and looking its best. This means your facility will not only be clean, but safe and healthy too. Are you trying to decide if it’s worth it? Make a list of all the duties that would need to be done by your staff and look at the total cost of assigning these duties to them along with the cost of supplies and equipment along with the cost to replenish the supplies. And don’t forget the negative effect on morale and self worth of your trainers and other staff. Consider the job your staff will do versus a professional cleaning service. The reason professionals are so effective and efficient is because of the supplies and equipment they use as well as knowledge and experience. It’s our job and it’s all we do, so it makes sense that we’re great at it. You’re getting a full-time custodian instead of a member of your staff taking a turn with a mop. Another consideration is the flexibility of being able to have a professional come in during non-peak or after business hours depending on whether you run a 24-hour facility to get the job done. This makes it better for your customers too as there is a clean facility with no interruptions.

How Much Does Fitness Facility Cleaning Cost?

There are variables to take into account that will determine how much this service will cost. The size of the building, its location and what you’re expecting out of the service will affect the cost. Commercial cleaners will either charge an hourly rate or by the square foot. If you will be utilizing deeper cleanings, like for carpets or rugs, windows and VCT floor waxing, the cost will rise.

Athletic Club, Janitorial Cleaning Services & More in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning for an estimate on the professional services we offer in keeping your athletic club, other commercial facility and residential home clean.

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