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Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Flooring Maintenance Tips in Boulder, CO; High Traffic Areas Require More Frequent Cleaning

Vinyl composite tile flooring is one of the most frequent types of flooring used in commercial buildings. They are typically used in restrooms, kitchens, hallways and even medical rooms. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep up their appearance and prevent permanent damage. When it comes to VCT flooring, there are five basic things you must know for proper up keep and maintenance. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share these five basic principles.

Don’t Rely on the VCT Floor Factory Finish

When VCT flooring was produced by the manufacturer, a thin finish coat of wax was applied to help protect the floor. The protective wax will help defend the floor from minor abrasions during shipping and installation. However this finish will not withstand daily use and the wear and tear of time. Once the VCT floor is installed, be sure to have the floor properly stripped and re-waxed with a minimum of two coats of wax. Allow the wax to cure for 24 hours before walking or placing furniture on the floor.

High Traffic on VCT Tile Floors Means Frequent Care

Over time that protective wax layer will wear off, especially in those high traffic areas. Not to mention the type of traffic that work shoes or high heels will cause. These shoes wear the wax down fast. There are some clear signs that the VCT floor will need re-waxing. One is that the shine will be gone from those high traffic areas compared to the places less walked on. It is not uncommon for VCT flooring to need re-waxing twice a year, especially in schools and hospitals. Make sure to always have a fresh coat of wax reapplied as the floor needs it to prevent permanent damages. However this means never allowing the wax to wear 100% away before re-waxing. A VCT floor is very porous and dirt and grime can easily become embedded.

VCT Floor Wax Problems

Stripping and re-waxing the floor will help keep your floor clean and protected but not from everything. Computer chairs, and other harsh furniture can wear down the wax very quickly not to mention dents or scrape the floor. You should always have mats and rugs under furniture and office chairs to prevent irreversible damage.

Poor VCT Flooring Maintenance

Maintaining VCT flooring is labor intensive and time consuming. All too often some companies will look for shortcuts and do a poor job with the cleaning and proper maintenance of the floor. It is important to find a good cleaning company that knows VCT floors well and has a good reputation. Avoid using a professional employee that has no experience with VCT flooring to save money! Trust the professional and avoid have your floor improperly cared for.

Know the Different Types of VCT Wax

When it comes to re-waxing a VCT floor there are many types of products you can use. Unfortunately they are not all made equal. Each kind of wax will have a specific dry time. Depending on the room temperature, humidity, how thick the layer of wax is and of course brand, may determine how quickly the wax will dry. Never rush the drying process and know how long the type of wax your cleaning company is using to allow proper dry time.

Commercial VCT Stripping & Waxing, Janitorial & House Cleaning Services in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides VCT floor services and has seen some poorly kept floors in our time. With our experience we can provide excellent cleaning, re-waxing and more for your VCT flooring. If it is time for some floor care with your building’s VCT flooring, contact us today.

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