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Health & Other Benefits of Hiring Commercial Janitorial Office Cleaning Services in Longmont, CO

Being productive at work is the goal of any business and having a clean office is paramount. Getting professionals in to do it will be one of the best decisions you’ll make. A clean office leaves a great first impression, making your office an inviting place. When employees are tasked with cleaning their own work-spaces, it reduces morale and undervalues the work they were hired to do. Workers who can come to work to fulfill their employment duties will do a better job at it if they don’t have to add cleaning to their list. Professional janitorial services use proper sanitation practices that will keep work environments clean and germ free.

Dirty Workplaces & Your Health; Poor Air Quality, Allergies, Sick Offices etc

An office can be where you spend up to a third of your life. Think about all the surfaces you touch throughout the day.
1. Healthy employees = less sick days. There are so many surfaces in an office that can be covered with germs and bacteria that can make employees ill. Sick days cost over $240 billion dollars every year that can lead to a 54% loss in productivity. Cleaner offices will allow your employees to stay healthy, so disinfecting is imperative.
2. Clean spaces can improve energy & satisfaction. Dirty offices can bring you down while a clean working environment lets your employees know you care.
3. Breathing, energy levels, headaches or skin affects. Even though you may not appear sick, there might be problems under the surface that will affect your work or a lack of motivation might be the result.
4. Image is important. Suppliers, current and potential clients, business partners and possible employees will all have a feel for your space on how it looks. Make sure the first impression is a good one, from the front door to the restrooms.
5. Protect your assets. Properly maintained carpets, floors and equipment will last longer. The use of commercial equipment makes the cleaning process more effective and efficient. The time it takes to clean will also be lowered because it won’t take as long, which means more money in your pocket.

Checklist for Office Cleaning

Reduce your stress by taking cleaning the office off your list. What do office janitorial services include? Trash removal and replacing trash bags, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, window cleaning along with disinfecting all surfaces. Heavier office cleaning includes carpet shampooing and floor waxing. Commercial janitorial services will do the work at night or during non-business hours. This will avoid getting in the way of customers or employees as we use equipment that makes it impractical to use during business hours. They are also in charge of replenishing supplies, one less thing for you to take care of. You can tailor the cleaning to the needs of your office and have service set up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Janitorial Cleaning Services in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Many people think that the cleanliness of an office isn’t really that important but they couldn’t be more wrong. Any business can reap the benefits or professional janitorial services. If you want to make sure your business stays healthy and is being cleaned the right way, give Baker Sandoval Cleaning a call to come up with a customized package!

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