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What is the Difference Between Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services in Laporte, CO?

When you manage or own a commercial building you know the importance of a quality cleaning service. If you are looking for a cleaning service, you will see a number of different companies that provide janitorial service and commercial cleaning services. Many people ask what is the difference and which one is right for my cleaning needs? Baker Sandoval Cleaning will break down the different cleaning services and help you decide which service is right for you.

Janitorial VS Commercial Cleaning

Both janitorial and commercial cleaning services are used to keep a commercial building cleaning. However, they do have different purposes. A janitorial cleaning service is a day to day cleaning service. A small cleaning crew preforms daily cleaning for the entire building. A commercial cleaning service is a cleaning service on a much larger scale. When the commercial building needs deeper cleaning then you will need a single time commercial cleaning service.

What Type of Cleaning Service Does My Business Need?

What should you expect from a janitorial cleaning service? When you need a daily cleaning service to maintain a clean building you will want a janitorial service. However, a janitorial cleaning service is a cleaning program that performs daily surface cleaning. The daily cleaning program can be tailored to the business’s needs. For example an office building will need the standard dusting, surface sanitizing, and floor cleaning. However, a restaurant may need exterior dining areas cleaned, and a detailed cleaning in the kitchen. When you need daily cleaning to maintain your commercial building, you can contact a janitorial cleaning service and request specific cleaning assignments and tailor your business cleaning needs.

What Does Commercial Cleaning Consist Of?

A commercial cleaning service isn’t a daily cleaning service but more of a cleaning service you may need every three to six months. A Commercial cleaning service is designed to perform a deeper and more detailed cleaning. A commercial cleaning service does come and wipe down all of the surfaces in the building and clean the floor. They also come to deep clean carpets, wax and polish VCT floor, clean sinks and drainage systems. A commercial cleaning may involve cleaning out air ducts, cleaning out of reach light fixtures, or cleaning the upholstery and tapestries. Often a commercial cleaning service will offer window cleaning and pressure washing services. A commercial cleaning is when you need specialty deep cleaning services that isn’t performed by your janitorial cleaning service.

Which Cleaning Service Should I Choose?

When you are trying to decide which cleaning service you need, the answer is that essentially you need both. It is essential to have a commercial building cleaned daily. During the current battle against the COVID-19 virus commercial buildings are required to perform sanitation every day. This not only keeps a commercial setting safe, it will also help prevent damage and the need to replace furniture, floors and other equipment used in the building. However there does come a time when a deeper cleaning is needed. Every three to six months you should schedule a commercial cleaning to tend to the needs of the building.

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services & More in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

As an owner or manager of a commercial building, if you need a quality janitorial cleaning service for daily cleaning or a deep commercial cleaning, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We provide both janitorial and commercial cleaning services for all commercial settings.

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