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Why is Cleanliness Important in the Retail Sector in Wellington, CO? Customer Retention & More

A direct influence on a shopper’s decision to make a purchase is having the cleanliness and presentation in a retail environment as shown by research. About 95% of shoppers reported that unclean restrooms and unpleasant odors would influence their shopping decisions along with dirty floors, spills or stains, dirty shopping carts and other factors, according to a survey conducted by ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. An important role in the success of a retail store, as research suggests, is cleanliness. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to stress the importance of the cleanliness of your retail store.

Clean Retail Store Makes a Great First Impression

The first impression is underestimated too frequently, especially by business owners. From the moment the customer makes the decision to enter your store, first impressions begin. The parking lot and grounds should be well-lit, tidy, and clean, the doors immaculate and the glass fingerprint-free. Inside it is essential that the following is not overlooked:
– Windows and doors
– Shelving units
– Restrooms
– Floors
– Fitting rooms
– Counter/cash register area
– Air quality

Customer Retention in Retail Sector

You will generate a base of loyal and repeat customers by creating a positive experience from the moment the customer walks through your door. It may be appropriate to outsource your cleaning requirements to a professional commercial cleaner with cleanliness being such an important element in the overall success of your retail business. To ensure that the job is done correctly and at the highest standard, a professional retail cleaning service is your best ally.

What Does Commercial Retail Store Cleaning Consist Of?

Throughout Boulder, Colorado and surrounding areas, Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides retail cleaning services for the commercial properties. As mentioned, it is critical for retail spaces to be efficiently cleaned in order to keep customers coming back. You risk distracting potential consumers from the products you are trying to sell if it in the event there is a buildup of filth or obvious spots and debris staring your shoppers in the face. To let your retail items, shine and the dirt and dust doesn’t make them fall short, having your establishment in pristine condition is essential. Below are a few routine steps we take when we clean retail spaces in Boulder.
– Wiping down all display cases.
– Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces.
– Clear off the dust on all of the shelves.
– Appropriately clean the floors.
– Bathrooms are sanitized, cleaned, and deodorized.
– And more

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services & More in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

We understand the value of repeat and loyal customers and our focus is on how we can support your business activity, and as a result Baker Sandoval Cleaning is dedicated to our procedures and cleaning tactics. Our professionals have the training and know how to ensure your retail space is properly cleaned and sanitized. We use highly advanced equipment and premium products to efficiently clean and disinfect your business according to the CDC standards. We are readily available to service and are very flexible to get your retail business cleaned on your schedule. Call us today to get started!

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