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What Sets the Industry Standard for Cleaning Schools, Restaurants & More in Eaton, CO?

When it comes to commercial cleaning and janitorial services, there is no one size fits all cleaning schedule. This is due to the fact that the needs of each business and industry can vary greatly between one another. It is important to have an understanding of what the cleaning standards look like for your business when you are looking for janitorial or commercial cleaning services.Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about what some of those cleaning standards might look like to help you gauge what your needs are.

What Industry has a Specific Cleaning Standard?

Not all businesses are going to require specific cleaning requirements to keep the business up and running. Here are some that do though:
– Schools: There are some schools like colleges that will hire a janitor to keep their campus clean, but there are some schools that don’t have a budget for it. However, with so many kids attending the school, commercial cleaning is necessary.
– Restaurants: The profit margins for any food service business directly align with how clean the building is. It is essential that they uphold a certain level of cleanliness to be successful and stay open per public health.
– Fitness Centers & Gyms: With so many people coming and going in a fitness center or a gym, it requires extra care to keep surfaces clean. The equipment is touched my several people within an hour that this can be a tall order and one that most business owners can’t take care of on their own.
– Dental & Medical Offices: This is another are where cleanliness is essential. The health and safety of the patients that visit these offices is at stake. There are specific cleaning procedures that will ensure the highest level of cleanliness is being met.
– Salons: There aren’t many people that will want to visit a salon if they feel that the space isn’t kept clean. This can be a challenge for the employees of the salon as their attention is going to be focused on customer and client satisfaction.
– Auto Dealers: While this might not be the first business to come to mind when you’re thinking about janitorial services, it is important for auto dealers to keep their showrooms pristine. No one wants to buy a car from a dealer that has a showroom that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned recently.
– Malls & Retail Stores: When you walk into a mall that isn’t kept clean and tidy, it can leave customers feeling that they made a mistake by choosing to take their business there.

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If you are a business owner and looking for the right company to keep your building clean, you can turn to the professionals at Baker Sandoval Cleaning to help. We know how important cleanliness is to the success of your business. Call us today!

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