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Where are Germs Most Commonly Found in a Doctor’s Office in Golden, CO? Cleaning Waiting Room & More

There are many commercial cleaning services Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides, and doctor’s offices are included. Since it is a place that continually has people in an out, and multiple people suffering from illnesses in one place, there is bound to be germs and bacteria floating around. There are quite a few hot spots of germs in a doctor’s office. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to elaborate on the common hot spots in the doctor’s office.

Do Pens Carry Germs?

To reduce your exposure to germs, those who specialize in medical office cleaning recommend bringing your own writing utensils, though you will likely need a pen to fill out paperwork while waiting for your doctor. There is a chance the pens may not have been sanitized after being used since pens in doctor’s offices have been used by someone who is sick.

Can You Get Sick from a Waiting Room?

This area is very vulnerable to germs from patients with multiple people sitting in one area waiting to receive treatment. You should try to avoid at all costs all of the specific items in the waiting room. These items include pens, magazines, and even other patients.

Are Magazines a Germ Hotspot?

In a typical waiting room, who knows how many fingers and hands have touched the magazines. Though many doctor offices have done away with them since COVID, keep this in mind. Cleaning experts urge patients to bring their own reading material when they wait in the office and continue to encourage doctor offices to avoid having these available. While also preventing the spread of your own germs to someone else, this will limit germ exposure to yourself.

Can Patients Be Near Each Other?

Many patients in the waiting room are suffering from an illness that may be contagious if it’s not for an injury or for a routine checkup. Patients are likely required to wear masks to prevent the spread of germs with many new protocols in place due to Covid-19. Many who specialize in medical office cleaning agree it is best to avoid other patients in the waiting room if possible, this is not 100% effective, however. When it is your turn to see the doctor, one helpful tip is to wait in your car and ask the receptionist to call you, even if it is not current protocol. Asking patients to wait in their vehicles has become a standard practice at many clinics and doctor’s offices during the Covid-19 pandemic, according many companies specializing in commercial cleaning services.

Medical Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

Doctor offices should focus on their disinfecting and routine cleaning every so often throughout the day and considering a specialist to clean the office, optimally, every night after closing. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is the leading experts in Boulder, CO. Our team are highly trained and understand the importance of cleaning and disinfecting businesses, including doctor offices. We use advanced, powerful equipment and premium products to ensure our results are executed efficiently. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning today and schedule a consultation where we can answer questions and get the details of your doctor office cleaning services.

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