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Why a Commercial Cleaning Plan is Important for Multi-Tenant Office Complexes in Boulder, CO

When you own a multi-tenant office complex, you know how involved it can be to manage them all. Most of the business owners found in these complexes will tell you that they feel a certain amount of pressure to keep their space as clean as the others. This can be extremely beneficial if you won the complex as cleanliness is usually directly connected to success. However, what if you could accomplish a cleaner complex by incorporating a cleaning plan that encapsulated all of the tenants and their businesses into one cleaning routine? Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about a bit about this and how it is possible.

What is the Meaning of a Multi-Tenant Office Complex?

If you aren’t sure what a multi-tenant office complex is, we are here to explain. This is a building where there are several businesses that rent out one or more floors but share the common areas with other companies. Some of the most common examples of these types of buildings and the tenants that you will find there are:
– Car Dealerships
– Schools
– Nonprofits
– Contractors
– Military
– Federal & Local Governments
– Charities
– Hospitals
– Medical Offices
– & More

How to Organize a Multi-Tenant Commercial Cleaning Plan

It is much simpler to manage a building like this when you have a commercial cleaning plan that encompasses all of the businesses in the building under one plan. Here are some steps to achieve this goal.
– Understand Business’ Needs: The first thing that you need to understand when making a commercial cleaning plan for your multi-tenant office complex is the cleaning needs of each of the businesses in the building. Some businesses or organizations may have only 50 employees while the others have 1000. You need to know how often their floor needs to be cleaned.
– Create a Plan: You need to know the occupants of your building to execute a proper cleaning plan. You will need to take into considerations all of your tenants and come up with a schedule for each of the businesses to get cleaned.
– Keep Track of Cleaning: Once you have come up with a schedule for each of the tenants, you need to have a calendar that will keep track of who is getting cleaned and when. It can be helpful to make a checklist to make sure there aren’t any spaces that are getting forgotten.
– Communicate Needs: You will want to meet with the cleaning crew at least once a month to make sure everything is going as planned and all of the tenants are happy with the cleaning schedule.

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If you have a multi-tenant office complex, you can rely on the experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning to make sure their businesses are getting proper cleaning. This will help their business’ success and yours in return. Call us today!

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