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Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company in Boulder, CO; Benefits of Professional Janitorial Services

Business owners all over the world know the importance of having a clean and pristine commercial space. Customers are easily influenced by appearances and if your business is dingy and filthy, it is a reflection on you. Whether you work right in the midst of operation or have a manager who oversees the details, maintaining a well kept commercial building is just as essential as to what your business provides. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning have compiled a brief list of basic benefits and advantages there are to utilizing a professional service to perform the janitorial duties for your business.

Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

1) Saves Time & Money. Your employees that are hired to undertake specific responsibilities need to spend their time on productivity. Allowing them to fully focus their time and energy on their projects is far more beneficial than insisting they include janitorial tasks. Many employees feel undervalued if they are taken from their trade to perform cleaning tasks and morale drops. Your money is better invested in the professional you hired to perform the tasks that are their specialty. Not only will your team be better off in their own element, but the janitorial professionals can conduct the cleaning duties quicker and more efficiently.
2) Healthy Environment. The cleaner a commercial building is the better as it minimizes allergy contagions, prevents mildew or mold outbreaks, deters pests, and eliminates the majority of germs and bacteria that contribute to illness. Keeping your business clean and healthy will reduce call outs and increase productivity with healthy employees hard at work.
3) Lasting Impressions. Anyone who has direct contact with your business including potential employees or first time employees, investors, partners, colleagues, customers, and etcetera, are immediately assessing the introduction to your business, whether it is on a conscious or subconscious level. Ensuring your building presentation is at a maximum level of clean can significantly impact the masses in a positive way. Safety, healthy, clean and comfortable conditions and everything in between are all indications that the business owners care about detail, staff, and guests.
4) Peace of Mind. Knowing that a dependable and exceptional professional is conducting the janitorial services can be a big load off your shoulders. There are many aspects of operating a business and cleaning shouldn’t be a stress that you carry. Hiring a professional indicates that the janitorial duties are adequately performed and on a routine schedule to ensure your business is well kept.

Office Cleaning Duties List

Generally, a professional janitorial service provides basic cleaning tasks and offers additional or customized packages so you have control of everything that is cleaned to your satisfaction.
Office Cleaning includes:
– Break Room Cleaning and Sanitizing
– Dusting and Sanitizing Furnishings
– Floor Treatments
– Restroom Cleaning, Deodorizing and Sanitizing
Trash Removal
Additional Cleaning Duties Can Include:
– Floor Care and Treatments
– Interior Window Cleaning
– Attentive Office Cleaning
– Detailed Bathroom Cleaning
– Trash Collection
– Common Area Cleaning
– Grounds Maintenance
– And More

Medical Office & Healthcare Facility Cleaning

Medical facilities require specific guidelines for cleaning protocols to maintain healthy and sanitized buildings. Medical centers that can benefit from professional janitorial cleaning services include outpatient centers, nursing homes, medical offices, and surgery facilities. Professional janitorial services include the basic office cleaning tasks and implements the necessary duties to ensure your medical facility is properly cleaned.

Government Office Cleaning

Government buildings can benefit from janitorial services as well, including office cleaning. We offer a number of services to keep any government building well cared for.

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides janitorial services and can ensure your commercial building is properly cleaned and maintained. Call us today to learn more.

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