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Athletic Club, Gym Facility & Fitness Center Cleaning

Baker Sandoval Cleaning is a full service janitorial and house cleaning company, providing services to commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Boulder, Colorado and surrounding areas. We have been completely licensed and insured for over 15 years and since the beginning we have brought our valued customers with professional quality workmanship while upholding high moral standards and work ethics as well as applying authentic friendly customer service. Baker Sandoval Cleaning specialists have training, experience, and skills that are enhanced with the use of high-end products exclusively sold to licensed professionals to ensure you receive nothing less than maximum results.

Benefits of a Regular Fitness Center Cleaning Schedule

Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers our cleaning services to the athletic clubs in the Greater Boulder, Colorado area. When it comes to your athletic club, having a well organized, clean and safe establishment is essential. Odors build up and germs quickly spread in a publicized workout environment. Having your athletic club cleaned by the experts can keep your club healthy, looking pristine and smelling pleasant for all users. Minimizing the chances of passing around ailments as well as looking consistently well kept contributes to earning your athletic club a positive name.

Fitness Facility Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist

Baker Sandoval Cleaning athletics club cleaning services include but is not limited to the following:
– Clean the floors appropriately (carpet, tile cleaning, VCT strip and wax etc)
– Sanitize and deodorize the bathrooms
– Tidies reception area
– Wipe down glass
– Sanitize equipment per owners instructions
– And more

Athletic Club, Gym Facility & Fitness Center Cleaning in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Baker Sandoval Cleaning will help evaluate your fitness facility and propose a recommended cleaning checklist and schedule. Your customers may forgive you for old equipment or a small facility, but they will never forgive you for an unsanitary workout environment. No matter your resources or your budget, you can improve the cleanliness of your gym today by hiring Baker Sandoval Cleaning. It’s a promise your members will notice and appreciate. If your athletic club in the Greater Boulder, Colorado area is in need of routine cleaning specialists, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today to get started!

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