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Green Encapsulation Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

For over 15 years, Baker Sandoval Cleaning, a completely licensed and insured full-service cleaning service provider, has been providing commercial and residential janitorial and cleaning services. Among the services offered, Baker Sandoval Cleaning experts possess the training, skills, and training to perform encapsulation carpet cleaning services for the Boulder, CO community. In addition to having the expertise perform encapsulation carpet cleaning services among the others we offer, Baker Sandoval Cleaning exclusively utilizes premium products and powerful equipment to get the job done right. With friendly customer service, professional integrity, and superior execution on services on a consistent basis, you can count on Baker Sandoval Cleaning for your commercial and residential cleaning and janitorial services.

Advantages of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

The process includes spraying an encapsulating chemical, that is safe and effective, to the carpets where it is then brushed into the carpet using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine or bonnet. Soil particles are crystallized through the encapsulation chemistry surrounding each soil particle to be vacuumed with powerful equipment. While generating high levels of productivity, this method provides a continual high level of appearance. With this innovating technology, our commercial Boulder, CO customers can expect the following advantages.

Fast Dry Time of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

The carpet does not become soaked with water as it does with hot water extraction during the encapsulation cleaning process. Following the application of chemistry, the low moisture encapsulation cleaning method allows carpet to dry within about 20 minutes. This allows your commercial facilities throughout Boulder, CO, to experience less downtime and cleaning staff can work efficiently and quickly over large areas.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning has No Re-soiling or Wicking

Less water means no wicking or re-soiling in addition to accelerated dry time. As the water evaporates, the lingers soils remaining at the bottom of the carpet fibers will travel up to the visible surface of the carpet and make the stain reappear when wicking occurs after carpet stains are treated with cleaners and water. Through not oversaturating the carpet fibers and trapping all the soil within the polymers that are then vacuumed away, encapsulation carpet cleaning avoids this concern.

Encapsulation Method of Cleaning Improves Carpet Appearance

Promoting a longer life cycle for your facility’s carpets, as well as the improvement in carpet appearance is arguably one of the most significant benefits of Baker Sandoval Cleaning encapsulation carpet cleaning services. The buildup of sticky residues that can attract more dirt and make your carpets look visibly dingy and spotted is prevented by regularly removing embedded soils with encapsulation carpet cleaning. In addition to the equipment agitating the encapsulation cleaning agents deep into the carpet, it will also inadvertently and beneficially open the pile at the same time. Being a rather cost-effective service, your Boulder, Colorado commercial premises looks their best at the lowest cost all year round.

Green Encapsulation Bonnet Carpet Cleaning & More in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

To take advantage of our encapsulation carpet cleaning services, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and our certified experts will provide exceptionally executed Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning services for your Greater Boulder, Colorado business’s carpets.

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