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Hoarding Cleaning Services

Baker Sandoval Cleaning of Boulder, Colorado is the leading experts in the area, supplying commercial business owners and residential homeowners locally and in surrounding areas with an assortment of extraordinary cleaning services. We are completely licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services in the community at prices you can afford. Baker Sandoval Cleaning utilizes premium quality products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals to ensure our valued customers receive nothing less than maximum results. Our specialists are more than qualified to perform the tasks associated with our services by having advanced training, experience in the industry, and remarkable skills. With Baker Sandoval Cleaning, our priority is you. Customer satisfaction is our goal and by incorporating traditional values, work ethics, and friendly customer service to superior execution on all services rendered, we achieve just that.

Hoarder Cleanup Help

Baker Sandoval Cleaning is specially trained to perform hoarding cleanups in the Greater Boulder, Colorado area. We understand that when dealing with hoarders, it is a compulsion, and cleaning up the hoard is a step in rehabilitation. Our experts are not only trained to cleanup and properly dispose of the hoard, but we are empathetic and sensitive to the situation. When cleaning up a hoard, it is important to realize the danger involved, as many elements within the hoard can be harmful to your health such as excessive dust. Baker Sandoval Cleaning professionals always place safety first and wear protective clothing, gloves, and respiratory protection. This is important during hoard cleanups in an effort to avoid exposure to harmful contaminants. It is highly recommended that you leave the hoard cleanup to the trained professionals.

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Deodorizing Surfaces

Common concerns that are involved in a hoarding cleanup can include bacteria, hantavirus, histoplasmosis and staph viruses including MRSA, E. Coli for example. Sanitizing, sterilizing, and deodorizing are a part of the hoard cleanup process. Any items that are deemed unsalvageable are properly disposed of.

Cleaning Minor to Major Hoarding Cases

Frequently, the items that are found within a hoard cleanup include the following:
– Excessive dust
– Rotting food
– Clutter
– Paper (mail, newspapers, magazines and books)
– Sharp implements
– Structural damage to home

Donate, Sell, Keep or Trash

Baker Sandoval Cleaning of Boulder, Colorado will divide the hoard into three basic groups: deteriorated contents that need proper disposal, objects that are to be donated or sold, and items that are preferably kept. A guideline we use when considering the items to be kept is that “if it has not been used for more than 12 months, you don’t need it”. Objects that fall outside of this guideline are recommended to be donated, recycled, or disposed of accordingly.

Hoarding Cleaning Services & More in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Hoarder cleanups are not a one man job. With Baker Sandoval Cleaning’s team of hoarding cleanup experts; we can get the home or building hoard free safely and efficiently in a timely manner. If you are in need of a professional hoarder cleanup service in Boulder, Colorado or surrounding areas, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

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