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Christmas is over, the feast has been consumed, and the gifts unwrapped and safely tucked into their new place of holding. Now it is time for the after party clean up. The decorations are getting safely bubble wrapped, the stockings neatly folded and the lights are being taken down and secured in a place where hopefully every bulb that is working now will still be working next year. But what of the Christmas Tree and the mess the real ones leave behind?

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to assist you in disposal and cleaning up of your real Christmas Tree.

What you Will Need for Cleaning Up the Christmas Tree in your Home:
 Old Bed Sheet or Large Plastic Tree Bag
 Plastic Bag – Gallon Size
 Broom & Dust Pan
 Vacuum Cleaner
 Warm Water and Mild Detergent Mixture
 Clean Cloth
Removing the Tree and Cleaning the Floors:
1. First remove the lights, ornaments, garlands and tinsel.
2. Wrap the tree in your bed sheet or plastic bag.
3. Loosen your tree from its stand for easy removal.
4. If possible, take the tree outside to detach it from the stand for easier cleanup.
5. You want to make sure you clear a path to the door from the tree to make it more simple.
6. Once the tree is outside, remove the sheet or bag and dispose of your tree appropriately.
7. To do so, lift the tree out of its stand carefully, especially if the pan is full of water, and lie it off to the side. By now, the tree would have contracted a fair amount of tree sap at the base. Due to the sticky residue, the tree could be hard to remove from the stand. Carefully do so to avoid getting sap all over your floor.
8. Back inside your home, sweep up the bulk of the needles, even if they are on the carpet, and pick them up with the dust pan and trash them.
9. Vacuum the remnants. If the mess is on the bare floor, make sure your vacuum is set appropriately.
10. Once you have disposed of your tree, throw the tree skirt and sheet in the wash to remove any sap residue.
11. If tree sap is still remaining, clean up the sticky residue with warm water and mild detergent.
12. If any sap has managed to find its way onto the upholstery or carpet; and the soap and water mixture isn’t doing the trick, use rubbing alcohol. Simply dab some on a clean cloth and gently blot up the sap.
13. If there is a Christmas tree recycling service in the area, ask for them to come and pick it up curbside.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers many quality residential house cleaning and commercial janitorial services. With our years of experience, helpful tips and efficiency, we can help get your home or office back in high quality and pristine condition after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Give us a call today in Boulder, Brighton and Longmont Colorado!

Generally, most folks keep their home in fairly clean condition. It is a little difficult to have an immaculate house when there are little versions of you following your every move and leaving destruction and chaos in their wake. It’s also difficult when you have pets tracking in dirt from outside and slobbering all over the sliding glass door. But, as was mentioned before, most do their best to keep a neat and tidy house. Bathrooms are cleaned, dishes done, a dusting regiment kept and floors are vacuumed and swept. But what about those less obvious places?

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to briefly suggest some tips on cleaning those not so obvious places.

1. Cleaning Handles, Knobs, Switches and Baseboards – If you take a moment to stop and think about the amount of germs that are transferred from hands to the switches, knobs and handles, that alone will give you pause and reach for the sanitizer. Unfortunately, these places are often overlooked, along with the baseboards that generally collect a compilation of dust. Using your favorite disinfectant, squirt some on a clean cloth and do a thorough wipe down. Hitting the baseboards with a duster or a vacuum with the brush attachment works wonders.
2. Cleaning Bathroom Décor & Accessories – Especially if you are a girl that likes to doll up the bathroom, make sure you wipe down the baskets of bath essentials, the cutesy jars of cotton balls and q-tips, the light fixtures and the ceiling fans. Even occasionally the fluffy towels that are not to be used as towels, but only decoration. Bacteria and foreign particles of debris can easily settle onto the surface area, and quite often get unnoticed, and go unclean.
3. Cleaning the Washing Machine and Dishwasher. The washing machine is susceptible to bacteria, mildew and even mold. Cycle after cycle, the gross goo can build up and leave your clothes smelling pungent and unpleasant. On the hottest setting of water run an empty cycle with equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda. For your dishwasher, getting clogged with small particle of food debris, among other foreign matter in addition to build up of soap; even your dishwasher needs cleaning from time to time. Begin this chore by cleaning the filter. You will be surprised of the nauseating collection of filth in the filter. If you are unsure where it is located, consult with your manual. Run a cycle using baking soda bombs are something similar without any dishes loaded.
4. Cleaning Kitchen and Bathroom Trash Cans. Considering what ends up in the trash, it is sickening to think of everything that is rotting away until it is taken out. Even with a liner, bacteria and odors are easily created. We recommend taking it outside for a good hose down and if necessary use a spare toilet brush (that isn’t actually used in the toilet) to scrub it down with your favorite disinfectant, and rinse. To help mask any odors from temporary food deposits, place a fabric softener sheet or a car freshener at the bottom of the basket, and put the liner on top to collect the refuse.
5. Cleaning Curtains and Upholstery. Always check the labels for proper cleaning, but don’t neglect them. Collecting dust, pollen and any animal pet dander or fur can make them appear dingy and dull over time. Vacuum the dust away at the least, and hire a professional to get them a detailed cleaning.

The list can go on, but we will wrap it up for now. If you are in need of assistance in getting your home or business clean, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning today in Boulder, Brighton & Longmont Colorado!

Tile and grout can be difficult to keep perfectly clean, especially in conditions of the bathroom, with constant moisture, hard water stains, and soap scum buildup. When we scrub down the tile grout, our cleaning tools and detergents are only capable of surface cleanings whereas a professional has the commercial equipment and detergents for a deeper clean. Like getting a deep carpet clean periodically, a tile and grout deep cleaning is just as important to ensure grit, mildew, bacteria and mold is thoroughly removed.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to point out the benefits of having a professional come and clean all the tile and grout found in all locations of your home.

1. When utilizing the proper equipment, doing so can cause damage to someone who hasn’t been sufficiently trained. A professional from Baker Sandoval Cleaning can ensure the equipment is operated safely, keeping tile and grout intact.
2. If the grout has become moldy, a professional has the appropriate cleaners to kill off the mold spores without compromising the integrity of your grout, or lifting the color.
3. Effective cleaning agents vary from bathroom to kitchen, or any other areas found in the home. An expert from Baker Sandoval Cleaning is trained to use the chemical agents appropriately.
4. An experienced technician from Baker Sandoval Cleaning performing a deep cleaning periodically is a good practice in maintenance. When anything is efficiently maintained, including tile and grout, it prolongs its life and esthetics.
5. Over all a healthy living must. If tile and grout goes unclean, especially a deep cleaning for too long, it could cause natural hazardous and harmful airborne dangers that can contribute to allergy and respiratory issues. Having a routine professional cleaning for your tile and grout only enhances your daily health.
6. Promotes a clean environment. No matter what a professional comes to your home to clean, the home dwellers naturally want to preserve the freshness and amplified appearance, and will subconsciously go out of their way to keep it clean.
7. Time. For people with a busy life style, who barely find the time to brush their own teeth, hiring an expert technician to do the job for you, allows you to spend your time elsewhere.
8. Simple to maintain in between professional cleanings. When cleaning your tile and grout in between professional cleaning, clean with a baking soda/white vinegar paste. Mix equal parts. Scrub in circular patterns with a bristled brush. Never use metal bristles or you may damage your grout and tile. Keep tile clean by following the manufacturer’s suggested cleaning techniques. Always wipe up spills as soon as possible to prevent/reduce staining. Wipe away access moisture after each use.

Professional House Cleaning, Carpet, Tile & Grout & VCT Floor Cleaning & Janitorial in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning, have experienced professionals with state of the art equipment and top of the line detergents to have your tile and grout properly cleaned and treated; among our many other services. Call us today for an appointment to clean the tile and grout in your home or business!

Professional medical facility cleaning can help support your infection control plan. By partnering with a cleaning service that is serious and committed to infection control, you can have complete assurance and peace of mind that thorough cleaning procedures are in place to help protect your medical practice from germs and disease. Medical cleaning services are a definite cut above your regular domestic cleaning services. Medical cleaning requires a level of expertise and professionalism utilizing cleaning protocols and medical grade cleaning solutions that are designed to provide a superior level of disinfection and sanitation to ensure a clean and healthy environment within your medical facility.

Hospital Acquired Infection Statistics

According to independent studies, as many as one in every twenty patients and/or family members visiting a medical facility will contract an illness that is directly related to surface germs and bacteria. When it comes to medical facilities, what you can’t see really can hurt you by causing illness and in extreme cases even death. As the list of hospital acquired Infections (HAI’s) continues to grow it is extremely important to achieve a higher level of cleanliness in areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, and restrooms especially for medical and dental practices to help ensure the safety of their patients.

The experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning recommend the following three considerations when choosing a medical facility cleaning service:

Infection Control: Professional cleaning and proper surface disinfection are an important part of your infection control plan. Baker Sandoval Cleaning uses hospital-grade disinfectants and advanced cleaning protocols to help reduce disease transmission and cross-contamination.
Professional Reputation: A professionally cleaned medical facility has a direct impact on your reputation and patient impressions. When patients enter your healthcare facility, sit in the waiting room and use the restroom, they are quick to judge the cleanliness of your facility by sight and smell. A clean environment can help patients and family members feel more comfortable when receiving medical care.
Hospital Grade Cleaning Solutions: Your facility uses top of the line medical equipment. Baker Sandoval Cleaning uses the most advanced disinfecting and sanitizing solutions on the market to help kill germs and eliminate odors combined with commercial cleaning protocols designed for clinical and medical environments.

During a Baker Sandoval Cleaning medical facility cleaning, special attention will be paid to areas such as:

• Sanitation of all door handles, light switches and countertop surfaces.
• Detailed, deep clean of all public areas such as restrooms and waiting areas
• Full compliance with appropriate rules and regulations; including any special requests from the medical facility.

Professional Dentist, Hospital & Medical Facility Cleaning, Janitorial & House Cleaning in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

Medical facilities require a specially trained team of cleaning technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable in the correct use, amounts and the specific order of cleaning solutions required to remove pathogens from surfaces. Floor and carpet cleaning are also extremely important as these surfaces have the capacity to absorb contaminants and irritants that can cause allergies and illness. The cleaning technicians and specialists at Baker Sandoval Cleaning are specifically trained in all areas of medical facility cleaning. Contact us today and speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative about medical facility cleaning or any or any of our other residential house cleaning and janitorial cleaning services.

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