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Types of Cross Contamination & Prevention in Janitorial Cleaning Procedures in Erie, CO

Avoiding cross contamination is not so easily accomplished when commercial business in-source the janitorial and cleaning tasks to their current employees. They are not getting the full benefits of professional janitorial services in even the smallest degree. In a routinely cared for and clean environment where trash is emptied, bathrooms sanitized, and floors are cleaned, studies have proven that a clean and safe environment effects how people work in a positive manner. At Baker Sandoval Cleaning, we would like to expound on janitorial services and how professional services deliver quality and avoid cross contamination.

Types of Cross Contamination

As many people understand, cross-contamination is important to avoid as it can cause sickness or even injuries. Mixing the wrong chemicals, for example, can create toxic fumes. Property damage can occur along with the ineffectiveness of destroying viruses, germs, and bacteria, which then allows them to spread, simply by untrained persons using different cleaning products in the wrong applications.

Cross Contamination Prevention

Professional janitorial services that conduct specific tasks are trained and educated on preventing cross-contamination and practice specific procedures to ensure optimal levels of clean as well as sanitation without integrating the wrong chemicals. Bathroom cleaning materials such as towels, rags, and mops are exclusively used in the restrooms and nowhere else with janitorial services because restrooms are the largest non-medical area for cross contamination.
Restrooms: Specialized cleaning products of bathroom grade quality are designed to create sanitation and prevent the spread of germs and disease. A separate line of products such as chemicals and cleaning cloths, are designated to clean urinals and toilets, while others are used for, dispensers, walls, stalls, counters, and sinks.
Kitchens: A clean space is important in the kitchen areas as otherwise it can be the main attraction for pests as well as to avoid cross-contamination and prevent food related illnesses and the spread of disease. Common areas such as break rooms as well as countertops, microwave, refrigerator and other appliances get a deep cleaning with attention to detail during the janitorial services.
Medical Facilities: Generally cleaned and sanitized regularly by medical staff, the surfaces and tools are taken care of by following proper protocol. Additional work, however, the medical personnel don’t, such as full floor cleaning, trash removal, and common areas are handled by janitorial services. Janitorial companies complete the necessary tasks in order and according to protocol to prevent cross-contamination and to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses unique to medical facilities.
Glass: To maintain all glass clear of smudges, dirt and dust janitorial services clean the interior and exterior glass. Glass accumulates fingerprints, smudges, residues, and layers of pollutants that it endures while facing the weather elements of the outdoors.
Trash Removal: Unsightly and unsanitary, trash bins can attract pests and emit unpleasant odors; and cross-contamination is a common occurrence with over flowing trash cans. With regular systematic replacing of trash can liners and disposal of garbage can make, the biggest difference in the sight and smell of the office is easily accomplished.
Floors: Janitorial professionals utilize the correct products to use to keep the various floors like carpeting, tile, VCT, or hardwood, lasting longer and staying safe from any chemical interaction and cross-contamination.

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When you are in need of janitorial services for your business, and you want ensure cross contamination and efficient cleaning and care is accomplished. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning for all your cleaning needs!

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