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Why is There So Much Dust in My Louisville, CO House? Best Way to Clean to Avoid Allergies

Did you know that 90 percent of the dust in our homes comes from tiny flakes of skin and fabric fibers that are barely visible? These float on the tiniest currents of air and will settle on each and every surface of your home. Having dust allergies makes this problem even worse. It’s good to know that there are ways you avoid triggering dust allergy reactions.

How to Prevent Dust from Entering Home & Get Rid of Dust Floating in Air

Organize your closet. This will keep dust at a minimum because closets are a haven for dust with all the tiny fibers from clothes, towels and bedding. You will stir up an invisible dust storm each time you open the door. While you can’t stop clothes from shedding fibers, keeping it clean and organized will cut down on dust.
Change bedding every week. Your bed is a source of dust distribution and the dust will multiply quickly if you’re not on top of it. Think about it, each time you roll around the skin flakes will shed it’s own fibers and send out a puff. If you wash your bedding weekly then you reduce the fallout. Items that can’t be put in the wash can be shaken outside. Pillows can be shaken out too but if you can, throw them in the wash.
Use the right cleaning supplies. You need to catch dust, not spread it around. Rags and feather dusters will do just that so use damp rags or disposable cloths to attract the dust and hold onto it. Make sure you’re only using the vacuum cleaner attachments to dust surfaces that are hard to dust with a cloth to cut down on dust that will be stirred up with the exhaust stream of the vacuum.
Use the right vacuum. The suction of your vacuum cleaner isn’t enough to pick up all the dust out of your flooring. For the best results, make sure the vacuum cleaner you use has a powerful agitator. This is the brush that sweeps the rug. For hard surfaces it’s best to use a canister type vacuum cleaner that does not have an agitator.
Clean the air in your home. As you do your regular cleaning vacuum cleaners will stir dust up that will eventually settle on the surfaces you’ve already cleaned. Turn your thermostat to “fan on” to filter out some of that dust. This will filter the air even if it isn’t heating or cooling the air. Leave it on for about 15 after you’re done cleaning.
Change/upgrade the air filter. It’s important to make sure that the air filters in your home
are clean because the way dust gets around in your home is through the air. You will notice a huge improvement if you use the right air filter and while no filter can totally eliminate the dust that will settle on the surface in your home they can sure reduce it. You can consider disposable filters to reduce dust accumulation or upgrade to electrostatic filters that can be connected to your ductwork to act like magnets to trap airborne particles.

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